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Passengers traveling to Turkey must have a negative PCR test

Those who cannot submit a negative PCR test within 72 hours can use their right to return and are quarantined at the address they declared to stay in Turkey.

It was reported that the application of “PCR test submission obligation” to those coming from abroad will continue until a new decision is taken.

According to the information received, the “obligation to submit a PCR test” for those entering the country through border gates within the scope of measures to combat coronavirus will continue.

The application of “PCR test submission obligation”, which is emphasized to be continued until a new decision is made, was started on December 30 last year and it was decided to be applied until March 1.

Scope of the PCR test application

Those coming from abroad have to submit a negative test. Those tests must be made within 72 hours and must be a negative PCR test. If not, they can use their right to return or they can be quarantined at the address they declared to stay in Turkey.

Those who declare that they do not have a place to stay are placed in quarantine at the places indicated by the Health Directorate.

Teams continue to work in Kapikule

At Kapikule, the most used border gate by those coming from Europe, the personnel of the Health Directorate continue their checks within the scope of the application.

The teams working in the passport control platform strive for the fast execution of the tests.

Here, in addition to the passport process, the submission process takes place at the same time.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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