Over 6 billion GB of data was used in 5 years with Turkcell’s 4.5G

While Turkcell subscribers used a total of 9 billion GB of data on the 5th anniversary of 4.5G, the amount of data used only over the 4.5G network exceeded 6 billion GB.

While Turkcell subscribers used a total of 9 billion GB of data on the 5th anniversary of 4.5G, the amount of data used only over the 4.5G network exceeded 6 billion GB.

According to the statement, Turkcell, which acquired the highest frequency during the 4.5G tender process, brought one of the strongest infrastructures in the world to Turkey, thus providing quality and fast service during the epidemic period.

Digital services implemented by Turkcell through its strong infrastructure also added value to the lives of its customers. Offering one of the strongest communication infrastructures of the world to the use of Turkey with 4.5G frequencies, Turkcell stood out as one of the fastest operators in the world with the 1.6 Gbps speed it provided in mobile during this period. In the last 5 years when 4.5G has been implemented, Turkcell members have used 9 billion GB of data in total, while the amount of data used only over the 4.5G network has exceeded 6 billion GB. In this process, Turkcell made life easier for its customers with local digital services and applications developed by its own engineers on its strong infrastructure. Turkcell’s applications such as BiP, fizy, TV +, and Dergilik broke usage records.

“Considering today, we got the highest number of frequencies in 4.5G”

Gediz Sezgin, Deputy General Manager Responsible for Turkcell Network Technologies, whose opinions were given in the statement, stated that they offered their customers mobile internet service, which is exemplary in the world, on the 5th anniversary of 4.5G.

“When we participated in the 4.5G tender 5 years ago, we got the widest spectrum considering today. The point we have reached has revealed how right we are. During the pandemic process, we successfully met the fast and high-quality internet needs of our customers. In fact, thanks to this strong infrastructure, we delivered fiber-speed mobile internet service to all parts of Turkey with our innovative solution such as Superbox. While adding value to the lives of our customers with our domestic digital services that we have implemented with the power of our exemplary infrastructure abroad, we started a digital export move with our local applications and services. We announced the name of our country to the world with our applications. Today, our communication and life platform BiP has different users from 192 countries. In addition, we did not allow the digital impositions to be imposed on our people with our domestic applications that we offer over this strong infrastructure. In this way, we have successfully managed the increasing demand for digital migration for BiP.”

“We are ready for 5G today with our strong infrastructure.”

Stating that they believe that their existing infrastructures will facilitate the transition to 5G, Sezgin said, “We have one of the two fastest 4.5G networks in the world, together with an operator from Russia, with a speed of 1.6 Gbps, which we currently support in mobile. Thanks to this strong infrastructure, we are ready for 5G. As Turkcell, we have achieved many firsts in 5G thanks to our strong 4.5G infrastructure. For example, we have demonstrated our competence in this field by broadcasting live TV on Turkey’s first 5G.”

Sezgin stated that they, as Turkcell, continue their pioneering role in technology and their support for domestic technologies in 5G after 4.5G, and continued as follows:

“We fully support all kinds of R&D studies in order to be able to use domestic and national products. In addition to the 4.5G domestic base station ULAK, we are working with Aselsan to create a local ecosystem in 5G with the pride of being the first operator to use domestic antenna and local radio link products in its network. However, we do not only consider 5G as network equipment but also work together with our universities and local suppliers, contributing to the design and development of domestic and national 5G solutions that will make our country have a say in 5G.”

On April 1, 2016, the first day that 4.5G was launched over the Turkcell network, 1.2 million GB of data traffic per day was realized over the entire network, this figure increased to 10.7 million GB per day as of March 30, 2021. Thus, the rate of increase in daily data usage reached 773%. However, in the last 5 years, the top 10 cities that consumed the most data over the Turkcell network were respectively Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Kocaeli, Gaziantep, Mersin, Hatay, and Adana.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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