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Organized industrial zones are preparing for a new era in the economy

Memiş Kutukcu, President of Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Organization (OSBUK), stated that organized industrial zones (OIZ) will play a critical role in the new era in the economy mentioned earlier by President Erdogan. Kutukcu said:

‘’ We need to be ready for this critical process with our infrastructures, our investor-friendly perspective, and our new allocation areas.’’

According to the statement made by OSBUK, an online meeting was held by the organization with the participation of Hasan Buyukdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, Abdullah Tancan, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and 181 OIZ representatives with distribution license. At the meeting, the problems and demands of OIZs regarding energy were discussed.

Kutukcu , the president of OSBUK, pointed out that Turkey’s future is in OIZ, in his speech at the opening meeting:

‘’I hope the coming period will be a new period when the OIZs will shine even more with new investments. OIZs will play a critical role in the new period of the economy underlined by our President Erdogan. We need to be ready with our allocation areas. The interest of our investors to our OIZs is increasing day by day.’’

Reminding that while existing OIZs are being expanded, new OIZs have been established, Kutukcu  continued as follows:

‘’11 new OIZs have been established in Adana, Antalya, Aydin, Edirne, Hakkari, Kocaeli, Kutahya, Manisa, Sivas, Usak and Yozgat despite the coronavirus epidemic since March. Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology stated that the establishment of 16 new OIZs will be completed next year. In addition, with the increase in the budget that our Ministry will allocate to OIZs in 2021, the infrastructures of these regions will be further strengthened. ‘’

‘’The deadline for SCADA connection is January 31, 2021.’’

Kutukcu  emphasized that every step taken to strengthen the energy infrastructures of OIZs and to reduce energy costs will strengthen industrial production. Kutukcu  reminded that OIZs with energy generation facilities were fined by Turkey Electricity Transmission Co. (TEIAS) in the past months, since they cannot make the Central Supervision Control and Data Collection (SCADA) connection that will transfer data to the institution; these fines were cancelled by the initiatives of OSBÜK.

‘’It was decided that our OIZs, who paid the fines, will be given the amounts they paid in case they issue a return invoice. In addition, OIZs were given time to make the SCADA connection until January 31, 2021.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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