Open bank account in DenizBank without going to the bank

Anyone who downloads the MobilDeniz application to their mobile phone can easily and securely become a DenizBank customer within minutes without going to a branch.

According to the statement made by DenizBank, the process of becoming a customer without going to a branch begins with the new legal regulation in banking that will come into effect very soon.

Accordingly, anyone who wants to be a DenizBank member will be able to perform banking transactions as a customer securely and easily on MobilDeniz, without leaving their homes. Those who complete the process of becoming a remote customer will also be offered special advantages in products such as loans, deposits, and credit cards from DenizBank.

Anyone who downloads the MobilDeniz application to their mobile phone will be able to log into the ‘Become a Customer’ section and complete their transactions in three stages easily. In the step following the entry of the information into the Become Customer form, after photographing the front and back surfaces of the new chip ID cards, the ID will be touched to the phone and the information will be matched. In the last step, users who will connect directly to the customer representative will be able to complete the process by making a face-to-face meeting. Users who complete the transaction will be able to instantly access their accounts and DenizBank’s wide range of products via MobilDeniz.

“We are ready for the future with an understanding that not only uses technology but manages it”

Speaking in the statement, DenizBank Digital Transformation, CRM and Change Management Group Deputy General Manager Umut Ozdogan stated that they have been working for a long time to optimize the remote customer acquisition opportunity provided by the legislation for the use of citizens who are not bank customers.

“We are entering a period in which the course of the Turkish banking sector will change. Last year, concepts such as IBAN and EFT clock emerged from our lives. Now, with the process of becoming a remote customer, the obligation to go to the branch to become a bank customer is eliminated. As a bank, we are ready for this change with our vision of being the institution that not only uses technology but also guides it from day one. We aim to be accessible in the fastest and easiest way while presenting our products and services to our customers. We are in a period where mobile is the basis of accessibility. Most of the DenizBank members “now perform their banking transactions easily on MobilDeniz, without visiting branches. We also invite our citizens who are not yet a DenizBank member to meet the fast and easy digital banking experience through the process of becoming a remote customer. We see the process of becoming a remote customer as an important milestone in the transition to Open Banking. We will continue our activities without slowing down in order to offer our customers an end-to-end digital and secure banking experience wherever they need it.”

All banking transactions are ‘at your fingertips’ with MobilDeniz

DenizBank offers its customers a wide set of transactions, a user-friendly interface, and advantageous opportunities. With MobilDeniz, they can perform many banking transactions such as sending money without transaction hours, depositing and withdrawing money from ATMs with QR code, making card transactions and payments, quickly making product applications for urgent cash needs, and easily accessing investment tools such as foreign exchange, gold, and silver. Customers who have completed the process of becoming customers remotely will also be able to see their ready credit limits after account opening, create instant-to-use credit cards, benefit from deposit offers, and easily perform their banking transactions 24/7. At the same time, by defining the Easy Address, they will be able to make all money transfers from MobilDeniz without any cost until the end of the year.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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