OlduBil users will be able to make online payments, send or receive money without a bank account

OlduBil, a digital services platform including financial technologies, offers everybody many opportunities such as sending and receiving money 24/7, shopping securely at all workplaces, paying bills online and paying instalments via the mobile app even if there is no bank account. The digital services platform has ‘Param’ infrastructure of Limak Group.

OlduBil users will be able to benefit from the advantages such as sending and receiving money 24/7, making payments safely at all workplaces, and gaining instant cashback without any upper limit at contracted workplaces, even if they do not have bank accounts.

With the OlduBil mobile application, where you can register for free in less than a minute by entering a name-surname and phone number, users can instantly have a Mastercard licensed virtual card. With this virtual card, OlduBil offers a secure payment method for internet shopping, which is increasing during the pandemic period.

With OlduBil, for which no annual account management fee is charged, all control of the money in the account is left to the user, and users can request a contactless physical card through the application or from contracted points.

Users who can upload money to their OlduBil account 24/7 can pay the bills of many institutions, from mobile phones to electricity, from the OlduBil application. It is also possible to install invoices in instalments with OlduBil. Starting the instalment with Limak Energy bills, OlduBil aims to expand this service to include other corporate bills in a short time.

Micro credit feature coming soon

Another innovative feature of OlduBil is micro-credit, which will soon be available to users. Users will be able to meet their urgent cash needs very quickly through the OlduBil application, thanks to the micro-credit to be offered by the contracted financing institutions by OlduBil.

Speaking at the press conference held for the promotion of OlduBil, Batuhan Ozdemir, the chairman of Limak Energy stated that they positioned OlduBil not only as an innovative financial payment instrument, but as a digital customer service platform that offers practical solutions to make life easier.

Card and wallet infrastructure of OlduBil such as electronic money account, prepaid card, money transfer, bill payment was provided by Param, the brand of TURK Elektronik Para Inc., licensed by the BRSA within the scope of the law no 6493. A collaboration with Colendi Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Technology Services Inc. is made for the credit scoring service of OlduBil.

source: / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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