Oil imports can be reduced with canola oil

Canola, which is grown by many farmers in Trakya, stands out as an alternative product that can reduce imports with its economic return and high oil capacity.

Every year, more and more farmers turn to the canola, which paints the fertile lands of the region yellow before sunflowers.

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 121 thousand 542 tons of harvest was obtained in canola, which was planted in 349 thousand 891 decares of land last year.

Approximately 64% of the product with 77 thousand 893 tons was grown in Trakya.

Tekirdag ranks first in the canola production of the region, followed by Edirne and Kirklareli. Last year, 37 thousand 831 tons of canola was grown in an area of 114 thousand 508 decares in Tekirdag, 24 thousand 370 tons in an area of 69 thousand 959 decares in Edirne, and 15 thousand 692 tons in an area of 42 thousand 100 decares in Kirklareli. This year, canola cultivation was carried out on an area of 233 thousand decares in the region.

Trakya University Genetics and Bioengineering Department Head Prof. Dr. Yalcin Kaya said that canola is a product identified with the region.

Stating that canola is a more profitable product than sunflower and wheat, Kaya stated that this product, which will provide extra opportunities to the farmers in the sowing rotation of wheat and sunflower, must be included in the planting rotation.

Stating that the product is also beneficial for the environment, Kaya continued as follows:

“It is a very good source of pollen for both bees and insects. Another point that will make the canola stand out is that it is harvested early. The earliest harvested crop was planted in October. It is a product that farmers can get paid for in direct cash, which they sell first. In this respect, canola is truly a product that must be included in our region.”


Kaya pointed out that canola, which is a very important oil plant, is the most oil-removing type per unit area.

Stating that the plant has 45-50% or more oil per unit area, Kaya said:

“Canola is the plant from which we get the most oil from a unit area when you buy about 450-500 kilograms of products per decare. In this respect, it can be a solution to our imports that we pay $3-4 billion each year in our country. It is a product that should be included in both animal feed, pulp and grain.

One of the most important points is our country’s oil deficit. Currently, the prices of vegetable oils have increased in the world, especially due to the increase in the prices of vegetable oils. In this respect, it is extremely important in terms of contributing to domestic production in our country. That is why canola must become widespread in the Trakya region.”

Stating that there are some problems with storage, Kaya said, “There are no direct buyers. Another important point is that there is a little problem in cultivation. In October, when it is planted, rainfall is sometimes incomplete. The farmer cannot prepare the soil well because its grains are very fine. A very good soil preparation needs to be done. Since it has very fine grains like clover, the soil needs to be prepared like sand.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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