New start-up graduate period of Albaraka Garaj have been announced

According to the statement made by Albaraka Turk, Albaraka Garaj does not slow down despite the pandemic, will reach the highest number so far and host 20 start-ups.

The 4th term entrepreneurs of Albaraka Garaj, the world’s first start-up acceleration centre in participation banking, established by Albaraka Turk to support entrepreneurs with innovative projects, have been announced. 20 start-ups selected among 34 start-ups that successfully completed the pre-acceleration will benefit from the Albaraka Garaj acceleration program for 9 months.

As a result of the “Demoday” held online with the participation of a 30-person jury consisting of senior executives of Albaraka Turk and its subsidiaries, it was decided that 20 enterprises will continue the acceleration program. Thus, Albaraka Garaj hosted the highest number of entrepreneurs in the 4th term.

4th term start-ups of Albaraka Garaj are decided as Advopass, BankingO, Blindlook, Car4Future, Ebabil, Efilli Rıza, Flamingio, Fon Radar, Freightest, Future DNA, HiFace, Hiwell,, KVIS, RTEX, SeaTech, SFM Yazılım, Stajyeristiyorum, Syntonym and Vaysis.

‘’We keep our promise of supporting more entrepreneurs every year.’’

Meliksah Utku, the general manager of Albaraka Turk stated that the bank continues to support new generation entrepreneurs with Albaraka Garaj, he said:

 ‘’Despite the pandemic, we continue to support entrepreneurs and expand our ecosystem without slowing down. Keeping our promise to support more entrepreneurs every year, we move forward with a newer and solution-oriented program. In the 4th term, we will start a period in which we host the most enterprises by hosting 20 start-ups. This year, we included many start-ups from many different fields in Albaraka Garaj. I believe that these selected initiatives will benefit from all the opportunities of the Garaj and will both develop start-ups and contribute significantly to our ecosystem. As Albaraka, we will always continue to do the best to improve the entrepreneurship ecosystem.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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