New startup support program from Turkcell

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan said, “Turkcell is a company that has given everything back it has earned to Turkey for 26 years. With the program we launched, we are now supporting startups that are included in our ecosystem.”

With 30 startups participating in Turkcell’s “My Big Partner” program, agreements worth ₺14 million 700 thousand have been made so far.

According to the statement made by Turkcell, the company, which has contributed to the development of the startup world with the work it has carried out so far, provides small-scale companies with the opportunity to work with large business partners with its ‘My Big Partner’ program.

In Turkey’s 10 different cities, especially in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, across 17 different operations in technocities 30 startups have been launched last year under the “My Big Partner” program. Those startups had the opportunity to do business with Ericsson, Obase, and other big companies within Turkcell.

Startups that comply with the criteria determined by Turkcell, as a result of their technical evaluations, take part in the 10% division of labor in projects where large companies manage 90% of the business.

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan, whose views were given in the statement, stated that they contributed to the economy while developing the Turkcell ecosystem with the ‘My Big Partner’ program.

“Turkcell is a company that has given everything back it has earned to Turkey for 26 years. We are a company that believes in the importance of master-apprentice relationship. With the program we launched, we now support startups that are included in our ecosystem.

Thanks to the program, small companies that get additional financing and business continuity opportunities find new business opportunities while gaining corporate experience by working with Turkcell and large business partners. We will continue to support startups to enrich our ecosystem and contribute to employment in the upcoming periods.”

“My Big Partner” Program

According to the information in the statement, an agreement worth ₺14 million 700 thousand has been made with the startups included in the program.

The pre-program turnover of 30 participating startup companies was around ₺4.1 million.

After the work, this number increased to ₺8.5 million with the support of Turkcell, and the number of employees of the 30 companies participating in the program increased from 60 to 118. 

In another statistic, the average number of projects that the participating companies carried out before Turkcell was 35, but after a year of work and despite the difficult conditions of the pandemic process, this number increased to 73.

Participants received a total of 200 hours of training from Turkcell, including technical transfer in the adaptation process, and took part in the development of 110 modules.

Turkcell is not limited to big cities but has also turned its route to technocities located in the Black Sea, Eastern Anatolia, and Southeastern Anatolia Regions in order to seize the opportunity of cooperation.

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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