New regulations & improvements for Second-hand car sales in Turkey

Aydin Erkoc, the chairman of Federation of Motor Vehicle Sellers (MASFED) stated that people wanting to start second-hand vehicle trade have to have a licensee and the vehicles must have been surveyed within the new regulations that will be put into force on September 1. Erkoc emphasized that consumer victimization and tax loss will be prevented in second hand motor vehicle sector within the new regulations.

Erkoc reminded that the new regulations for second hand motor vehicles are prepared by Ministry of Commerce and entered into force by president Erdogan’s signing. He said:

‘’People who do not have a licensee will not be able to buy and sale more than 3 cars in one year within new regulations. Businesses registered to Business Association and have motor vehicle activity on their trading and work license will be able to have their trade.

There are over 70 thousand motor vehicle sellers in Turkey and unorganized trade brings a lot of problems. 8 million 600 thousand vehicles were passed into other hands in 2019 and nearly 5 million of them are made by unauthorised people.’’

‘’Those not obeying the rules will be imposed with fines.’’

Erkoc emphasized that advertiser firms will have to present their licensee number, business name and title on their second hand vehicle notices. He said:

‘’ There will be no misstatements in the notices, those not obeying the rules will be imposed with sanction; their licensee will be cancelled and they will be served with fine.

There are fraud people on internet and in auto markets, they introduce themselves as motor vehicle seller and make sales; these people get damaged vehicles from insurance companies, repair them and sell them. They also clock the automobiles, decreasing the milestones and buyers have no chance to see the seller again; yet, buyers will be able to find addressee and have a right of return when they buy surveyed automobiles from people with licensee. Consumer victimization will be prevented and well established sales centres will be trustable place to buy second hand cars within the new regulations.’’  

‘’Safe payment system will be operated.’’

Erkoc mentioned that frauds will also be prevented by safe payment system; the money will be blocked at the bank until the turnover is ended, this operation will protect both seller and buyer. Erkoc said:

‘’ Unrecorded sales and false pricings are seen more and more due to unauthorised trade activities. Tax loss will be prevented and second hand motor vehicle sector sales will be recorded.

Warranting will also be an obligation in second hand motor vehicle sector; vehicles between 2 and 8 years old and having less than 160 kilometres of milestone will be surveyed and warranted for 3 months and with 5 thousand kilometres. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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