New regulation coming to the jewelry sector in Turkey

Mustafa Atayik, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Jewelers, said about the Regulation on Jewelery Trade, “The regulation will protect honest tradesmen, and will make a very important contribution to the elimination of unfair competition caused by informality.”

Atayik made evaluations to the AA correspondent on the Regulation on Jewelry Trade, which was prepared by the Ministry of Trade and was published in the Official Gazette yesterday.

Atayik stated that they have always been in talks with Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan and ministry officials during the draft preparation process, and said that they saw that all the articles that attracted the reaction of the jewelry shopkeepers were removed from the text of the regulation.

Atayik said, “The intense meetings we held in Ankara as a chamber representing our industry yielded results, and a very positive and positive regulation emerged. Our efforts to protect our honest tradesmen such as the prohibition of demo products yielded results.”

Emphasizing that the regulation published in the Official Gazette will protect honest tradesmen and will make a very important contribution to the elimination of unfair competition caused by informality and adjustment problems, Atayik continued his words as follows:

“Unregistered businesses working under the stairs will have to register to jewelry chambers and chambers of commerce in order to obtain authorization certificates. Our industry has wanted to prevent the sale of demo products for a long time. Preventing this with the regulation was very appropriate and beneficial. We encountered a clearer and more understandable text compared to the draft regulation. The changes are made by considering the demands of the sector.”

“Only includes retail stores trading jewelry”

Mustafa Atayik stated that the regulation only covers retail stores engaged in jewelry trade, and that there is an article that leaves the application to the ministry authority open because there may be issues that need to be resolved in time, and made the following evaluations:

“Except for the condition of membership of a jeweler’s chamber, it was not considered a duty for trade associations. However, we foresee that the Information System will be prepared in 6 months, and when the system is ready, the authorization certificate will not be able to proceed in the same process. For this reason, we should meet with our ministry to ensure that our chambers are involved in the process by using this system and that authorizations are quickly prepared by December 31, 2021.”

“The analysis and reporting authority is not applicable only to the Mint”

Mustafa Atayik, Chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Jewelers (IKO), reminded that the power of adjustment control, analysis and reporting was given to the regulations, especially IKO, by the Mint before, and said that if this authority was given to the Mint again with the regulation, it would cause very important problems and delays in trade.

Arguing that this article is not applicable in Istanbul or all other provinces, Atayik made the following statements:

“Because, there have been inspections by professional associations on the workplaces that carry out the profession for years, using the authority given to them by law number 5362. Investments made in order to achieve accurate results in analysis and reporting on this subject, employment of expert staff and equipment installed to serve throughout Turkey are in question. It has configurations and gemology laboratories that are individually authorized to analyze and report on precious metals and stones. However, only our chamber is authorized in both subjects. In addition to our GLT laboratory, which has international accreditation, it also has two settings authorized by the General Directorate of Mint in Cemberlitas and Kuyumcukent. Equipped to meet all the conditions stipulated by the laws, and most importantly, with its competent and experienced staff, its knowledge and equipment, it has always aimed to produce the most accurate service, without any interest, without profit, and to contribute positively to the sector and the economy of Turkey.”

He also stated that IKO is an organization that is included in the Ministry of Commerce Customs Single Window system and provides competent services in opening and closing of import and export.

Mustafa Atayik said, “It is believed that these structures, which have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and were authorized by the Mint to date, do not have the experience gained for years, and it is thought that it is not right to address the issue, it should be evaluated again, and at this point, a change of expression is needed to evaluate the accumulation of our professional associations.”

In addition, Atayik stated that a regulation change may be needed for the 1-2 substances they identified, adding that the regulation, which they see as a beginning, is a very important step.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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