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New metro line will be put into service in Istanbul in 2022

Adil Karaismailoglu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that they plan to open the Bakirkoy-Bahcelievler-Kirazli metro line, which has 62% physical progress, at the end of 2022.

Karaismailoglu, who obtained information from the authorities by examining the Bakirkoy-Bahcelievler-Kirazli metro line, told reporters here that more than ₺1 trillion 86 billion was invested in transportation and communication during the AK Party governments.

He stated that 1 million 20 thousand citizens are directly and indirectly employed per year thanks to the projects and the share of railways in total investments is 18.6%.

Karaismailoglu, underlining that they have gained a great claim in the field of human and freight transportation both locally and regionally with this amount of ₺202.2 billion, explained that by carrying out rail system projects in urban transportation, they brought them together with a comfortable, fast and economical transportation alternative that saves the people from traffic frustration in many cities.

Stating that in the last 19 years, they have renewed the entire 11,590-kilometer conventional railway line, Karaismailoglu said that they built 1,213 kilometers of high-speed train lines, made the country the 8th high-speed train operator in the world and the 6th in Europe and that they are still continuing the construction of 3,872 kilometers more railways.

Karaismailoglu emphasized that they will open Ankara-Sivas and Konya-Karaman high-speed train lines in the near future.


Minister Karaismailoglu stated that they are increasing the number of urban rail system projects day by day and continued his words as follows:

“Currently, we have a total of 811.4 kilometers of urban rail systems in 12 different cities across the country, especially in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Eskisehir, Konya, Kayseri, Antalya, Samsun, Adana, and Gaziantep. We, as the ministry, built 312 kilometers of these lines. Approximately 2 billion 393 million passengers are transported annually on the 312.2-kilometer rail system lines, which have been completed and put into operation by our Ministry. The total length of our 11 metro lines, which are under construction throughout the country, exceeds 147 kilometers.”

Minister stated that they have brought more than 80 kilometers of urban rail system to Istanbul, and the total length of the ongoing metro lines is 91 kilometers.


Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Karaismailoglu, said that the 8.4-kilometer Bakirkoy-Bahcelievler-Kirazli metro line they are examining today will also meet a great need.

Karaismailoglu, who stated that it will reach a capacity of 70 thousand passengers in one direction per hour when it is completed, gave the following information:

“Our project, which starts from the Bakirkoy coast, will have 7 stations, namely Ozgurluk Meydani, Incirli, Haznedar, Ilkyuva, Yildiztepe, Molla Gurani and Kirazli. We will also take an important step in terms of city planning by creating squares around our stations. These squares will soon turn into points that develop both commercially and socially, due to the mobility that the stations will create. Our line passes through a difficult area under dense residential areas. As of today, all problems have been resolved, studies continue rapidly.”

Karaismailoglu stated that 66% of the tunnel excavation works of the subway construction, 47% of the station reinforced concrete works and 25% of the rail laying works were completed, and the total physical progress was 62%.

Stating that they plan to complete the project at the end of 2022 and put it into the service of the public, Karaismailoglu said that this line will be connected with other public transportation modes, Bagcilar-Kayasehir, Yenikapi-Ataturk Airport, Yenikapi-Kirazli, Ikitelli-Atakoy metro lines and Marmaray.


Minister Karaismailoglu emphasized that they do not forget those who said “Do not build the Istanbul Airport, the third bridge, the Northern Marmara Highway, the Eurasia Tunnel or even the Bosphorus Bridge” and the impositions made in this way.

He said, “Then, if we obeyed what they said, there wouldn’t be an Istanbul Airport, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, nor the Northern Marmara Highway, nor the Eurasia Tunnel. Those who oppose these projects and those who oppose the Kanal Istanbul all have the same mentality.”

Expressing that Kanal Istanbul, which is designed as an ideal waterway against possible problems, is the logistics vision project of the world, Karaismailoglu completed his words as follows:

“With Kanal Istanbul, Turkey will increase its power and effectiveness in the world much more. Kanal Istanbul is a strategic issue above daily politics and is an indispensable necessity for Turkey’s future. We have no business with artificial agendas. We are based on service to the public, not on political conflicts. Because we see the service to the public as “service to the truth”. Istanbul residents should be comfortable. We know their needs and concerns very well. As the ministry, we will always use our strength and will to reconstruct and build Istanbul. “

During the study visit, Minister Karaismailoglu was accompanied by the executives of the contractor company and the Mayor of Bahcelievler, Hakan Bahadir.

Source: Hurriyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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