New improvements in MERSIS & the digitalization of trade ministry

According to the statement of minister of commerce Ruhsar Pekcan, Commerce Ministry benefits from technology in order to provide fast, safe and easy trade environment in Turkey.

Pekcan emphasized that Central Registration System (MERSIS) of Commerce Ministry is one of the systems leading the way to digital transition and MERSIS shares immediate data with 45 institutions and works integrated. She mentioned:

‘’Information regarding trade registrations can be accessed from one point via MERSIS; institutions, organizations, tradesmen and citizens are all able to use MERSIS as a verification source. The extent of electronic operations on MERSIS is expanded in order to improve the digitalization of domestic trade; many regulations have been made to ease the life of the citizens. In this sense after electronic certificate operation, electronic recruitment of all certificates and payments are now provided via MERSIS. Certificates can now be electronically demanded and obtained in 40 registers of commerce.”

Registration notices can now be electronically advertised

Pekcan stated that they are presenting the citizens with a new digital transition operation, she said:

‘’Trade registration notices were physically posted on Turkish Trade Registration Gazette; this caused a waste of time and money. As a result of our studies with Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities, integration between MERSIS and Turkish Trade Registration Gazette is provided. Given that, notices regarding commerce registrations can be posted electronically within 2 hours in Turkish Trade Registration Gazette and thus commercial activities will be accelerated. This operation is put into use in 124 registers of commerce and soon, all.’’

Pekcan finished her words by saying:

‘’ Ministry of Commerce will continue studies contributing on digitalization of domestic trade and acceleration of commercial activities.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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