New feature from Maximum Mobil: Online market service

Maximum Mobil, by signing innovation, started the sale and fast delivery of market products within the application. In the section Gordum Aldim, you can access hundreds of products of more than one brand as well as the markets located near you.

We have already told you the “Gordum Aldim” feature in the Maximum Mobil application developed by Turkey IsBank. Maximum Mobil, winking at e-commerce as value-added with Gordum Aldim, featured the products of Troy, Samsung, e-Hamal and Is Kultur Yayinlari on its platform in July 2020 and mediated the sales. With a remarkable innovation in the way of becoming the Maximum Mobile Super App, which has increased the number of brands and products in that area in the past period, we have signed a new cooperation with Marketyo and started the sale of market products within the application.

Thus, Maximum Mobil, which offers technology, books and organic food products in the Gordum Aldim section, added the markets in your region to the list. While examining the application, we were able to easily order by viewing the product range of markets such as Gourmet Garage for Suadiye, Mestay and Tarla Burada, by selecting the specified time zone.

If you remember Isbank, which created an ecosystem where Maximum Mobil is at the center, had a similar cooperation with Yemeksepeti before. Within the scope of this cooperation, Maximum mobile made it possible for people to place orders by entering their Yemeksepeti membership information. The application that spreads this to e-commerce with Gordum Aldim now enables its users to access more than one channel from a single application and pay safely with its online market service.

During the pandemic period, while grocery shopping services encountered an intense demand, we saw that many brands took new steps in this area. Marketyo, which has been serving in this field since 2017, brings users to more medium-sized market chains compared to Migros, Sok or A101. It should be noted that in September 2020, Marketyo, which worked with 65 grocery chains, increased the number of markets on its platform to 142.

The Marketyo collaboration of Maximum Mobil, which has millions of users, offers new opportunities to the user base and enables medium-sized markets to reach a wider audience. Maximum Mobil is positioned as a Super App beyond a banking application with many different features it offers, including this new collaboration.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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