New Android POS machine from Turkcell decreases the costs and increases the efficiency

New pos machine from Paycell has android operating system; this pos machine presents it’s member businesses with cost reduction and many other service opportunities.

According to the statement of Turkcell, Paycell Android pos machine offers e-bill, stock tracking and receiving in one platform. Businesses will be able to use their own sale applications or Paycell Android Market applications on Paycell Android pos. Paycell Android pos machine supports cash, credit card, bank card, meal card and QR code payments; the pos machine invoices e-bill immediately and sends it to the customer.

Paycell Android pos prevents the financial burden of bank agreements of businesses, it does not have any undertaking obligation; the machine also prevents cash register costs.  

Paycell Android pos is not only a cash register but also an innovative platform; the machine offers smart solutions for different needs via it’s smart operating system. Thanks to Paycell Android pos, big companies will be able to easily customize and develop their own applications while small scaled business will be able to use applications like appropriate inventory management, campaign management and reporting.

Member businesses that do not have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) substructure will have the CRM system of Paycell and be able to integrate different applications to the Andorid pos; these solutions provide businesses with customer and turnover increase. Technological substructure for future demands is founded via the flexibility of this Android operating pos machine.  

‘’We aim at increasing Paycell member base to over 150 thousand.’’

Murat Erkan the general manager of Turkcell, stated that they are aiming at increasing Paycell member base to over 150 thousand by the end of 2022. He said:

‘’ We will continue to be a pioneer in ‘techfin’ (technological finance) by offering different innovative solutions. There is an innovation in pos machines just as it was in smart phones. Android pos machine will introduce the businesses with new applications and business models; many businesses will be able to meet their multiple needs from one platform.’’

The new pos machine offers the increasing number of member businesses with sale, invoice and receiving; Erkan emphasized that these will provide cost efficiency advantage in many parts and said:

‘’ We will support our customers and member businesses with our innovative solutions, QR based payment methods and Android pos to create a cashless society. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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