Nestavilla started production of “Tiny house”

Nestavilla Sales and Marketing Manager Architect Rahime Guner said, “Tiny house enables guests who are fond of peace, nature, minimalism and freedom to have a different experience.”

Nestavilla, following light steel, module and panel prefabricated house concepts, has now started housing production in the concept of ‘tiny house’, which started the popular ‘small, moving house’ trend of the recent period.

According to the statement made by the company, Nestavilla, the brand of Vefa Group, which is an expert in practical ready-made housing production, started housing production with the concept of ‘tiny house’ for the first time with the natural and minimal life trend that became popular after the pandemic. These small, caravan-style houses, which can be designed up to a maximum of 2.55 width, 4 meters height and 3.500 kg weight, usage area up to 30 square meters in accordance with the Highways Regulation, can be transported anywhere you want with a vehicle with a license that can mount a trailer.

One of the most striking features of the tiny houses, where every detail is considered from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the living area to the bedroom, is that it is sufficient to obtain a notary license for the houses. In other words, homeowners can easily stay even in places without a zoning permit, without having to apply for a building permit.

The production of caravan style houses done in 1 month

Nestavilla Sales and Marketing Manager Architect Rahime Guner, whose views were included in the statement, noted that with the Nestavilla brand, they have carried out a series of projects that provide a wide range of architectural freedom in the prefabricated housing sector using prefabricated and steel building materials that have a much more flexible ability than wooden and reinforced concrete buildings. Explaining that they came before buyers with a new alternative housing type during the epidemic process, Guner said:

“With our Tiny house concept, which we started to produce for the first time this year, we will continue to offer alternative solutions to our customers at the point of living spaces in accordance with the requirements of the period. We designed “caravan style, minimal houses”, which we call Tiny House, which is one of the popular building systems of the last period, with the detailed studies of our R&D and Design center, and realized the production in 1 month. We completed our production infrastructure to start mass production, and we exhibited our first sample at the Building Fair and met with the intense demands of the visitors.”

Engineering certificate is issued, the house itself is licensed

Emphasizing that Tiny Houses bring along a very important advantage, Guner said, “One of the most important opportunities is that when you buy this house, you do not have to obtain a building license for your land. We provide our customers with the engineering certificate and the Tiny House invoice, and they can go to the notary public and quickly obtain the licenses to be issued for the house itself for a small fee. The fact that there is no need for a building permit on the land gives the buyers the chance to easily establish and use their homes even in places without a zoning permit. This offers a very valuable change in terms of shifting people’s lives to a different focus. Tiny house provides a different experience for guests who are fond of peace, nature, minimalism and freedom.”

It will be able to pass through tunnels with a height of 4 meters

Stating that Vefa Group’s 30 years of experience in the pre-fabricated building sector, they have assembled and delivered turnkey houses in a short time, Guner explained the features of Tiny Houses as follows:

“Designed in accordance with the “Highways Regulation”, Tiny House measures 2.55×7 meters and we planned the height of the houses to be 4 meters from the ground so that they can easily pass through areas such as tunnels. We designed these houses, with a total weight of 3 thousand 500 kg, to be towed to the desired area with a 4×4 vehicle. The total usage area of Tiny Houses is 23 square meters. In this area, there is a bathroom, open kitchen, living area on the ground floor, and a bedroom section for 2 people on the mezzanine floor.

We used Swedish pine as exterior material and roller shutters on short facades. The interior, kitchen cabinets and cabinets under the stairs are made of poplar contra material. In the bathroom, Swedish pine is used, which is resistant to moisture and water, as in the exterior. In addition, the lightest steel structure system was used as a carrier in the design.”

It produces its own electricity from the sun

Stating that another advantageous feature of the Tiny House project is that the houses produce their own electricity, Guner said, “There are 3 solar panels, inverter and lithium battery and 1 heat panel in the houses. Solar panels supply the home’s own electricity, so they are designed to be used comfortably on land without electricity, and white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, stoves can be operated easily. Hot water is provided to the house with the heat panel. We also carry out waste water-clean water evacuations when a wastewater tank is connected to the houses that have a circulation pump and a 100-liter clean water tank within their own structure.”

The factory is also carrying out projects in Sultanbeyli through its dealers

Nestavilla, the brand of Vefa Group that offers practical ready-made housing solutions, enables its buyers to own a house wherever they want by offering prefabricated, steel and module turnkey individual housing solutions. Nestavilla’s production facility and showroom is located in Sultanbeyli. Apart from this, the brand maintains its accessible position through its dealerships in various regions of Turkey and their showrooms and realizes various individual housing projects through its dealerships. It produces practical ready-to-use residences that stand out with their economy, are rapidly built, suitable for seasonal use and designed for different climatic zones. Nestavilla, which primarily meets the need for secondary housing, offers the comfort requirements in buildings by combining it with the latest prefabricated building technology, using static calculation methods according to earthquake regulations.

Vefa has an R&D center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology

Vefa Group, which has 30 years of experience in its sector, produces panel prefabricated structures, modular containers, light steel structures and Tiny houses in Istanbul in the pre-manufactured building sector. In the building materials industry, it offers A1 class fireproof fibercement exterior cladding under the Ekobord brand, and sandwich and composite panels with the Neopan brand in its factory located in Bilecik. The Group also owns the first R&D center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. In addition, the group has accelerated its efforts to become a global brand in its sector since 2016, when it was accepted into the Turquality program, the world’s first and only state-sponsored branding program, and in this direction, it offers changes in both marketing and product development areas and new opportunities to create new export opportunities.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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