Monthly exports of Kocaeli exceeded $ 1 billion once more

Kocaeli, an industrial city, regained it’s foreign sales performance before the pandemic, with an export volume of $ 1.2 billion in September.

Kocaeli exports decreased in March and April, when the impact of the Covid-19 was felt most intensely worldwide, and has increased on a monthly basis since May. The transition to the normalization and industrial facilities beginning production accelerated the Kocaeli exports which exceeded the level of $1 billion once more in September.

According to the data of Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), Kocaeli took third place among the most exporting provinces in January-September period after Istanbul and Bursa, with $8 billion 271 million 372 thousand.

Kocaeli compensated its losses through the normalization period and made $1 billion 225 million 89 thousand of exports in September. This amount was the second highest export performance of Kocaeli on a monthly basis since January.

Automotive and chemistry sectors shouldered the Kocaeli exports

Kocaeli hosts Tupras, the biggest industrial institution and many firms such as Ford Otosan, Hyundai Assan, Honda Turkiye; hence, the automotive and chemistry sector have a big share in Kocaeli exports.

Firms operating in chemistry and automotive sector covered the 68 percent share of the total 9-month exports of Kocaeli; this share is valued at $5 billion 623 million 163 thousand. The export value of automotive sector alone in the 9-month period is valued at $3 billion 706 million 110 thousand.

Kocaeli hosts Izmit Refinery of Tupras, which has an annual processing capacity of 11 million tons of crude oil, and the Residuum Upgrading Facility, where approximately 4.5 million tons of black products are processed annually, as well as a large and small mineral oil and paint facility; hence, the chemistry sector took the second biggest share in Kocaeli exports. Chemical substances and products exports of the city in the 9-month period is valued at $1 billion 917 million 53 thousand.

The steel sector ranked third with $528 million 297 thousand of exports, followed by iron and non-ferrous metals with $526 million 938 thousand, electrical-electronics with $425 million 833 thousand, and air conditioning industry with $339 million 621 thousand.

Kocaeli exported to 180 destinations  

Kocaeli, which is the 7th largest port in Europe with 35 port facilities built around the Gulf of Izmit, exported to 180 countries and autonomous regions in the first 9 months of the year.

Germany, the locomotive of the European economy, became the country having the highest exports from Kocaeli with $642 million 978 thousand of value. The United Kingdom ranked second with $640 million 796 thousand of exports, followed by Slovenia with $617 million 65 thousand, Belgium with $521 million 699 thousand and Italy with $495 million 611 thousand.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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