Mobidictum Business Network brings together Turkish game developers and leading game companies

The “Mobidictum Business Network” event, organized by the mobile game news platform Mobidictum, brings together Turkish game developers and leading companies in the game industry between May 8-9. New collaborations and new investments are expected to be brought to the agenda as a result of the event sponsored by Gaziantep OSB Teknokent, which was realized with the cooperation of Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) and Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone Directorate (GAOSB).

“Mobidictum Business Network” is one of the sponsors of Gaziantep OSB Teknokent, which has been established in cooperation with Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) and Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone Directorate (GAOSB) and attracted attention with its entrepreneurs focusing on game development in recent months. Mobidictum brings together the Turkish game developers and the leading companies of the game industry in its history between May 8-9, 2021.

At the event, where many issues for game developers will be discussed, from the things that should be considered while publishing the game and development of the income model, the participants will also open the door to new collaborations by making one-to-one interviews. It is predicted that the gaming industry, which has an export volume of millions of dollars, will increase its export volume with this event.


Hasan Kalyoncu University Rector Prof. Dr. Turkay Dereli stated that besides realizing important studies in the field of technology and innovation within the university, they also support young entrepreneurs within the framework of university-industry cooperation. Noting that only six of the 86 technoparks in Turkey are within the OIZ, Dereli said, “We are one of them. With this organic and strong collaboration, an excellent ecosystem has been created for both our industrialists, our teaching staff and our entrepreneurs. The game developed by Tenet Games, operating in Teknokent last month, succeeded in reaching 5 million downloads in 170 different countries. Today, we sponsored the ‘Mobidictum Business Network’ event, which is important for the gaming industry, as Gaziantep OSB Teknokent. We will always continue to support similar studies that extend to the sectors of the future that include innovation and technology.”


The event, which will be held online for two days, will include more than 25 expert speakers from the gaming industry and more than 20 hours of speeches by experts. In order to increase the finances of game developers, publishers and investors, service providers that can level up the games, “Virtual Fair” areas where new companies can come into view, “Independent Game Developer Games Exhibition” area that will highlight hidden talents will be.

The event, which basically aims to bring together the Turkish developers and the leading service companies of the game industry, will also discuss the tricks a game developer should know. In addition, many topics such as digital and traditional marketing strategies for mobile games, publishers ‘interests, investors’ expectations from developer studios, experience transfer from successful studios, many new revenue models and tips for growing games more are discussed.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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