Ministry of Commerce updated statement regarding the new import customs duties

According to the statement of Ministry of Commerce, the import customs applied on garlic, banana, tea, sunflower and walnut was misunderstood by some. the custom duty was divided by 2 in order to support and maintain the domestic production; in this sense, the customs are not changed yet a more effective operation is applied. The Ministry post this in the Official Gazette’s 5 August dated issue under the title of ‘’Additional Decision on Import Regime Decision’’.

Ministry emphasized that some media organs misdirected the new regime as there is a discount on import customs applied on related products and stated:

‘’ This kind of misdirection does not reflect the reality and causes a speculation in the marketplace by creating a non-existing import pressure on our hardworking producers.

This decision is considered in order to encourage and maintain the domestic production and it definitely does not mean a discount on customs; on the contrary, it aims at creating a fair and competitive structure by preventing import prices that are way under the world standard unit prices. Our hardworking producers and honest merchants will be protected, tax loss and dishonest trading environment will be prevented within this decision.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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