Minister: The first step in the Kanal Istanbul project, which will be completed in 6 years, will be taken with bridges

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum said that the Kanal Istanbul project will be completed in 6 years and bridges will be built first.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Kurum, made an investigation in the area of the Cinderesi Urban Transformation project in Ankara’s Altindag district. Having received information about the buildings that are about to be completed, the Minister Institution examined the work in the AKM National Garden, which is under construction.

Making a statement here, Kurum said that the work carried out in the field within the scope of urban transformation continues. He said, “We are actually carrying out 272 thousand urban transformation projects in the field and 118 thousand 500 urban transformation houses in Istanbul. Currently, ₺90 billion superstructure construction is underway with both our Presidency of TOKI, General Directorate of Construction Affairs and the Ministry of Development, which our ministry carries out within the scope of construction works. Our goal is to carry out this rapid transformation process as far as we can. We have to look above politics here. Our President also stated that we will never do politics on urban transformation and earthquake issues. With this understanding, we strive to work actively in the field.”


Kurum, noting that they are trying to carry out projects without discriminating anyone said, “We laid the foundation here on June 5th, Environment Day in our area. You see the state it came in a year later. We produce works, we do business, we do work politics and we will continue to do so. For us, it is a symposium, a conference on urban transformation, we think we have passed this period. We must continue the rapid transformation. I think it is no longer necessary to do demagoguery, to do politics, to make excuses. If any of our municipalities are unable to enter the field, if they refrain from entering this field in terms of urban transformation, if they have difficulties, let them come to us. We meet with our citizens and have neither a district nor a city that we do not touch today. We go everywhere, meet with our citizens. Within the framework of their consent, we continue to carry out urban transformation processes with fast, timely and voluntary principles. It is also that our municipalities are involved in the process that will take responsibility in this regard. Let them put some salt in the soup, let them keep it from one side of this project and we are planning to transform all risky areas. If there are areas on the field that they cannot enter, if our citizens think and say that they do not allow them to enter their buildings and that they do not have authority at the point of demolition of risky buildings, let them come to us. We are ready to provide any kind of support.”

Minister Kurum said that Ankara AKM National Garden can be called Ankara’s Central Park and said, “I hope we will complete it in August and bring Ankara National Garden to Ankara. We can call it Ankara’s Central Park.”


Kurum, which also answered the question about Kanal Istanbul, said, “We are carrying out our work on Kanal Istanbul. We started with the EIA process. We prepared plans for the protection of natural resources and cultural values, from ecological life, to the current from the Black Sea to the Marmara. We also prepared our zoning plans. We have met the requests of nearly 80% of the citizens who objected. It will be an exemplary urbanism. We continue the Kanal Istanbul project with determination. As our Esteemed President explained, we will start the Kanal Istanbul project by laying the foundation in the summer. We will realize our project that will add value to the brand value of Istanbul and add value to our region with its meeting areas and university areas. It will start with the bridge, we have 6 bridges. Bridges need to be built. There are also bridges that will connect ecological life, and they also need to be built. This Kanal is part of Istanbul, it will be completed within 6 years.”

Source: Haberler / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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