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Minister Kurum: Development plans for Istanbul Canal project approved

The Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Kurum, said that the zoning plans for the Istanbul Canal Project, which will add value to the value of Istanbul, have been approved and announced.

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum made a statement to the press after the evaluation meeting in Cekmekoy Municipality.

Stating that they evaluated every issue that citizens have problems with from the public garden to urban transformation, from the street rehabilitation project to the bicycle path, the Mayor of Cekmekoy, Ahmet Poyraz, and the members of the organization, the Kurum noted that the important decisions taken for the district will be implemented quickly.

Kurum stated that there are 292 nation garden projects ongoing in 81 provinces with an approximate investment value of ₺7.5 billion, and they will make a national garden project in Cekmekoy Camlik District. He said that in the project, which will reach a total of 150-200 thousand square meters, there will be a youth center, walking and bicycle paths will be built.

Stating that underground parking lots have been put into practice in order to solve the traffic problem, Kurum said, “We will carry out a joint project with Cekmekoy Municipality. We arrange the 50 thousand square meter area right in front of the municipality building as a landscape and square arrangement by lending ₺10 million of the project of approximately ₺20 million to the General Directorate of Provincial Bank and the remaining part. We are building a 400-vehicle car park under it, and we aim to enable the region to benefit from these car parks. We will start this project and we aim to finish it by the end of the year.”

Minister Kurum also stated that they will realize the project of ₺5 million in Tasdelen Mehmet Akif Ersoy Neighborhood, which includes bicycle paths and parking lots.

Reminding that they built a 3 thousand meter noise barrier in Umraniye, Kurum said that they will bring a noise barrier of approximately 3 thousand meters to the district, starting from Alemdag on the route of Sile in Cekmekoy, in front of the wedding palace.

Kurum said, “In this context, we will do half of the ₺10 million project with a grant and half with the Cekmekoy Municipality with the support of the General Directorate of Provincial Bank.”

Kurum stated that a rainwater project will be carried out in 4 neighborhoods due to floods in the district, and that they will renew the rainwater lines and solve the problem of the citizens by arranging the superstructure.

Istanbul Canal project was announced

Minister Kurum reminded that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his vision for 2023 and stated that they will continue to invest in order to establish trust and stability in the country.

Emphasizing that they will continue to make projects to increase the welfare level of the cities and the quality of life of the citizens, Kurum continued as follows:

“In almost every district of Istanbul, from urban transformation to the national garden and social housing, as the Ministry, we are taking our steps within the framework of the vision set by our President. We finished the garden of 10 nations and offered it to our citizens in Istanbul. Within the scope of urban transformation projects, we continue to carry out projects consisting of 117 thousand independent sections in almost every district of Istanbul. Our aim is to take steps for strongest Turkey’s strongest Istanbul on the road to 2023. In this context, we strive to continue our work with the understanding of voluntary municipalism in line with the demands of the citizens and their demands.”

The Minister stated that the implementation zoning plans of 1/100,000, 1/5,000 and 1/1,000 scale regarding the Istanbul Canal Project were previously announced, “We evaluated the requests from our citizens, the requests from our municipalities and public institutions, the objections made and we announced our 1/100.000 plan as of last week. We have now approved and announced the zoning plans for the Istanbul Canal Project, which will add value to our Istanbul by evaluating the objections of 1/5,000, 1/1,000 implementation zoning plans, solving the problems and problems of our citizens. In this context, we will be bringing the Istanbul Canal Project to our Istanbul by taking our steps quickly.”

Kurum stated that they started the project that will employ more young people and young graduates within the scope of the employment package announced by the President and that they sent circulars to the municipalities and related organizations in this context. He noted that in the future tenders and tender specifications in institutions affiliated to the Ministry, TOKI, 30 metropolitan cities, Emlak Housing and Emlak Participation Bank, General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, 30 metropolitan cities and 51 provincial municipalities, 922 district and town municipalities, the requirement was applied that at least 20% of the technical personnel to be employed should be new graduates or those who have passed 3 years after graduation.

Minister stated that this way, steps will be taken to support young engineers, architects, technicians and interior architects.

Landslide in Bursa

Upon the question regarding the evacuation of the buildings after the landslide and flood disaster in Bursa, the Minister Institution stated that the 7 buildings in Osmangazi district Kavakli District are in danger of collapsing due to excessive floods and rainfalls and the shifting of the retaining wall.

“Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and AFAD carried out a joint study. In this context, we host our citizens in safe and sound places. In this process, the Ministry and our teams will make detailed examinations after the buildings are evacuated. Here, we will make the determinations and experiments that the resettlement activities are sustainable and unsustainable, and we will take the necessary measures to ensure that the citizens can live here without the risk of life safety. In our investigation, if there is a risk of residence here, we will ensure that citizens reside in safe and sound areas by evacuating 7 buildings in Bursa Osmangazi district, as we did in other areas and cities.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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