Minister Karaismailoglu: We are working to make Turkey a logistics superpower

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Karaismailoglu, said, “With a strategic point of view, we are working hard to create the infrastructure that will make Turkey a logistics superpower that dominates the world’s trade corridors.”

Making a press release at Zonguldak Caycuma Airport, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoglu expressed his pleasure to be at Zonguldak Caycuma Airport, where they renewed their runway by enlarging it today.

Karaismailoglu pointed out that Turkey is going through a historical turn, the importance of the field of transportation and communication has increased gradually in this process, emphasizing that the balance of power has changed in the world and that Turkey is facing important opportunities due to its geographical location.

Emphasizing that Europe, Asia and Africa have a say in their supply chains with their increasing production, Karaismailoglu said, “Turkey, which is at the heart of this geography, will surely get an important share from this increasing wealth. We are also working hard to create the infrastructure that will turn our country into a logistics superpower that dominates the world’s trade corridors with a strategic point of view. During the period of our governments, we spent over ₺1 trillion 86 billion for our country’s transportation and communication investments, and we created an infrastructure that encompasses our country on land, air, sea and railways. We have brought Turkey closer to the world from every point.”

“While the number of countries with which we have an air transport agreement was 81 in 2003, today it is 173”

Minister stated that the development of civil aviation is a very important place among these studies and that Turkey has become one of the most important transit centers of the world’s airlines with the investments they make for airlines.

Karaismailoglu, explaining that in 2003, he flew to 50 countries and 60 destinations from Turkey, and that 329 destinations were reached in 127 countries today, said:

“While the number of countries with which we have an air transport agreement was 81 in 2003, it is 173 today. While Turkey was 10th in the world and 5th in Europe in 2018 and 2019 in terms of total number of passengers, despite the pandemic, it ranked 9th in the world and 3rd in Europe according to the preliminary results announced by the International Airports Council in 2020. In this process, the great responsibility undertaken by our Istanbul Airport and the great success it has demonstrated has shown how a reasonable and rational investment it is. Istanbul Airport has been declared as the busiest airport in Europe during the epidemic period by EUROCONTROL (European Navigation Safety Organization). The air cargo industry has become another area where we have increased our claim. Despite the 22% market shrinkage in the air cargo industry with the effect of the global Covid-19 epidemic, we achieved a growth of around 1% thanks to the dynamic capacity solutions we implemented. These results are a result of our investments in airlines, our business experience and our efforts in international integration. By saying, “Airline will be the way of the people.”, we stopped air travel being a luxury across the country. Our domestic flights, which were made to 26 destinations with 2 hubs in 2003, today take place from 7 destinations to 56 destinations.”

“With THY, which has become a global brand, we will not leave a place we cannot reach in the world”

Karaismailoglu stated that when the Cukurova, Tokat, Rize, Artvin, Bayburt, Gumushane, Yozgat airports are completed, the number of active airports will increase to 60, and also stated that Kayseri and Malatya airports have laid the foundations of the new terminal buildings and started work.

Karaismailoglu, who pointed out that the regional airport serves the provinces of Zonguldak, Bartin and Karabuk, and is the gateway of the Western Black Sea Region to abroad.

“As a result of the economic growth in our region and the increasing demand of our people, renovation works were required. For this purpose, the runway enlargement work started at our airport in April has been completed. Within the scope of our works, the length of the runway of our airport was extended from 1881 meters to 2 thousand 131 meters, and the runway width of 30 meters was increased to 45 meters. In addition, a safe area of 75 meters has been created on both sides of the runway. A safe flight area of 2 thousand 431 meters has been created together with the safety area. Thanks to the enlargement of the runway, large-type aircraft will be able to use our airport. The expansion of the runway and passenger capacity of our airport will provide convenience for intensive flights from the region, especially to European countries. Turkey is a country with a bright future and on the way to growth in every sense. We are working to fulfill our increasing economic potential and to increase our claim in all modes of transportation, human and freight transportation. With THY, which has become a global brand, we will not leave any place we cannot reach in the world, and we will connect our country with the world from every point. I wish our Zonguldak Airport to be instrumental in many beneficial works, investments, tourism and economic vitality in our region with its growing runway. I wish success and express our gratitude to all our managers, engineers and co-workers who worked and worked hard in our project.”

“Turkey makes a great effort to overcome this process with the least damage.”

Minister Karaismailoglu, who came to Bartin to hold a series of contacts, met with Governor Sinan Guner.

Later, Minister Karaismailoglu attended the Provincial Assessment Meeting at Bartin Governorship Hall with AK Party Bartin Deputy Yilmaz Tunc, Mayor Cemal Akin, AK Party Provincial Chairman Turhan Kalayci, district governors, district mayors and other relevant persons.

Karaismailoglu, who was briefed here, then visited Mayor Akin.

Karaismailoglu, who became the AK Party Provincial Chair, met with the Provincial Chair Turhan Kalayci for a while.

In his speech, Minister said that there was a historical epidemic process that deeply affected all countries and caused economic recession.

Referring to the effects of the epidemic, Karaismailoglu said, “There is no country in the world that can overcome this process without experiencing a social or economic crisis. Turkey is of course affected by this situation, and our state is making great efforts to overcome this process with the least damage with the serious measures taken. However, thanks to the progress to be made in treatment and vaccination, 2021 will be a period in which the global economy will recover rapidly. So much so that while the IMF predicts a growth of 5.2% in the global economy in 2021, the OECD states that it expects a growth of 5.9% in Turkey. In this positive picture emerging for Turkey, the work under the leadership of our President is of great importance. Despite the pandemic, we continued the construction of our projects uninterruptedly by taking all health measures at our more than 4 thousand construction sites.”

Referring to the Kanal Istanbul project, Karaismailoglu said, “One of our projects that excites all of us is the Kanal Istanbul, which we will start the construction of soon. Kanal Istanbul will be the most important component of the Middle Corridor, the trade route connecting Europe and Asia. It will increase our presence and dominance in the Middle Corridor. As the Black Sea becomes a trade lake, it will enable Turkey to get a share of this wealth. Kanal Istanbul will also eliminate the risk of accidents caused by the ships in the Bosphorus and our world heritage mega-city Istanbul will breathe a sigh of relief.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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