Migros presented the Mkolay application, which provides contactless payments in 30 seconds

Migros changed the shopping habits with the retail technologies it developed and brought innovations to the Mkolay application. While shopping in the store, customers can scan the barcodes of the products with the application on their mobile phones and make payments from the jet cashes within 30 seconds. Migros thus offers a completely contactless shopping and payment experience in the sensitive period we are going through.

In the Mkolay application, which allows customers to make purchases using their own smart phones in physical stores, customers could have the products they put in their baskets read on their phones, and could follow the total amount of their shopping without going to the cashier.

With the integration of the payment process, which is the first of the new features added to the application, to the jet cash register, customers can now manage the entire shopping process themselves. This innovation, which saves time since bagging is done during shopping and there is no waiting time at the checkout, offers great convenience to customers. In the application, which has become much more user-friendly, regardless of the basket size, customers can start their payments by scanning the QR code on the screen and complete their payments in just 30 seconds when the jet comes to the cash register. Thus, a completely contactless shopping and payment experience becomes possible in the sensitive period we are going through. With these new developments, as a result of one-on-one interviews with customers using Mkolay; 98 percent of Migros customers stated that they are satisfied with contactless shopping.

Another improvement was the automatic detection of the store from which the customer was shopping. With this feature, customers can start shopping by simply using the location feature, without having to scan the store-specific QR code at the store entrance. Mkolay’s recent development plans include informing Migros customers about current campaigns while shopping and notifying opportunities such as the “See Believe” campaign before they go to the cashier. Mkolay practice will quickly spread to all of Migros stores in Turkey and can be used 13 different cities in 62 stores at the moment. The stores where the application can be used can be accessed from the Mkolay section of the Migros mobile application and through

source: / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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