Metaverse activity: Wider Games decided to invest in Turkey

Most investment in Metaverse came from Turkey. In the face of this development, Wider Games, one of the largest game platforms in the world, decided to invest in Turkey.

Large game company Wider Games, which entered the global market in 2018, is a platform that actively mediates entertainment and in-game trade in 73 countries.

Based in America, Wider Games started to appeal to a large audience by completing its R&D studies in the last 5 years and finally entered the Turkish market.

Wider Games, which plans to completely combine the WDR Hunter game with NFT and Metaverse in March, has made agreements with 5 companies as a solution partnership as of January 2022. Chief among these are Przcoin and Abixcoin.


With Android, iOS and web-based ‘play-win’ logic, people earn widercoin and coinprz by playing games. Wider Games also creates custom NFTs. In other words, Wider Games, which allows creating Non-Fungible Tokens, ie unique digital assets, provides tokens with blockchain technology.

More and more people are seeking to create NFT, which stands for similarity assets that represent ownership of unique digital assets such as video, music, art or collections.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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