MESS Technology Centre will lead the digital transformation of Turkish industry

According to the statement of Turkey Metal Industrialists Union (MESS), the investment made on the newly opened Technology Centre is valued over 200 million liras. The MESS Technology Centre is constructed on 10 thousand square meters in Istanbul-Atasehir. The Centre will meet all the requirements for digital transition of an industrial corporation.

Ozgur Burak Akkol, the board chairman of MESS emphasized that the Technology Centre will make Turkey a leading country in industrial digital transition. He said:

‘’ MESS Technology is the world’s biggest innovation centre of digital transition and competence. We will support the digital transformation of Turkish industry.

 MESS represents its 241 member industries and their futures. We annually contribute over 30 billion dollars to the economy. The 37 percent of the total Turkish export is made by MESS members; our members have over 200 thousand employees and nearly 1 million indirect employees. MESS Technology Centre will be a milestone in Turkish future; it will manage the digital transition of Turkish industry, contribute on the employment and national income by increasing the productivity of industrial companies.’’

‘’MESS Technology Centre have introduced many firsts in Turkey and worldwide.’’

Akkol emphasized the uniqueness of the centre and said:

‘’MESS Technology Centre has over 20 operations and technologies that are firsts in the world. There is a digital production facility in the centre; this digital factory is the first in Turkey to have a substructure composing of integrated systems such as supply chain, sales forecasting, production system and quality management. It also is the Turkey’s first factory to be supported by 5G technology. The digital factory offers more than 100 production procedures; it is the most advanced digital factory in the world. Real-time production is also provided by this digital production facility; world’s first virtual iron and steel facility is integrated with the control system of the real-time production.’’

‘’The largest ‘digital transformation in industry’ service in the world’’

Akkol mentioned about the digital transformation and how to manage it, he said:

‘’MESS members will first locate the digital transformation level and then develop projects for the improvement. Our service is the largest ‘digital transformation in industry’ service in the world thanks to it’s capacity. MESS offers the most extensive education programme of ‘Digital Transformation in Industry’; MESS will educate 250 thousand people for more than 2 million hours in the next 5 years. We have the most powerful ecosystem composing of technology, academy, entrepreneurs, research institutes and more. MESS introduces it’s members with over 40 technologies and solutions that are globally successful methods.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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