Mersin became the top exporter in 2020 in fresh fruit and vegetables

$653 million 539 thousand of the $2 billion 730 million 157 thousand of fresh fruit and vegetable exports made last year was realized from Mersin.

Realizing $653 million 539 thousand of Turkey’s $2 billion 730 million 157 thousand fresh fruit and vegetable exports last year, Mersin became the city with the highest number of exports in this field.

According to the data compiled by the AA correspondent from the Mersin Agriculture and Forestry Directorate and the Mediterranean Exporters Unions (AKIB), the export of fresh fruits and vegetables last year was $2 billion 730 million 157 thousand, with an increase of approximately 21% compared to the previous year.

During this period, 46% of the exports were made to the Commonwealth of Independent States, 30% to the European Union countries, 14% to the Middle Eastern countries, and 10% to other countries.

The leading market of the sector in exports, the Russian Federation, was the country with the highest amount of exports last year with $948 million 942 thousand.

Antalya and Hatay followed Mersin

Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable warehouse Mersin ranked first among the cities that provided the highest foreign exchange inflow last year, with foreign sales of $653 million 539 thousand.

Mersin’s exports rose by 9% on quantity basis and 18% on value basis during this period.

Mersin, the leader in fresh fruit and vegetable exports, was followed by Antalya, Hatay, Izmir, and Trabzon, respectively.

“We made approximately one-fourth of our exports from Mersin”

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Mersin Agriculture and Forestry Director Arif Abali said that the city is among the most important agricultural cities in the country due to its climate structure and fertile soil.

Stating that 83 kinds of products are grown in the city, Abali said, “2.6 million tons of fruit and 2.3 million tons of vegetables are produced in approximately 333 thousand hectares. Mersin also exports intensively because it is a port city in this product range.”

Abali, reminding that the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) is effective worldwide, continued as follows:

“In a period when the coronavirus epidemic was happening, we worked non-stop with our farmers, exporters, and public personnel working in the agricultural sector. Despite Covid-19, our exports continued without a hitch. We exported nearly 1.2 million tons of fresh fruit and vegetables worth $653 million. We exported 100 million tons more than the previous year.”

Abali emphasized that producers have made great efforts in the success achieved, and said, “I want to thank our farmers who work with great devotion. We proved that we continue production under all conditions. We realized approximately one-fourth of our fresh fruit and vegetable exports in our country from Mersin. We aim to increase our production and exports in 2021.”

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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