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Medipol Hospitals organizes free online ‘Pregnancy School’

Medipol University Hospital organizes online ‘’Pregnancy School’’ for fathers and mothers during the pandemic.

 According to the statement of Medipol Mega University Hospital, this online free programme held by expert nurses and doctors will be started on August 18 and aims at preparing future mothers’ emotional and physical health on a social scale before and after giving birth.

Sabiha Caglayan, an expert at Medipol Mega University Hospital gave information about the programme:

‘’Parents-to-be will be informed about prenatal and postnatal period, mother and baby health care, birth process and neonatal care via this two weeks programme.’’

‘’Pregnant women have had the biggest anxiety during the pandemic.’’

Caglayan stated that parentcraft team decided to make the ‘’Pregnancy School’’ programme online due to pandemic and said:

‘’Pregnant women have had the biggest anxiety during the pandemic; they did not go to hospitals if it was not necessary and could not participate in educational courses. Parents-to-be will be supported and informed by this educational free online programme. Elvin Ulker, a delivery room nurse and Merve Ozturk, a doula and a delivery room nurse will be giving the education within the programme; along with the programme, one of Medipol’s 22 obstetricians and gynaecologists and 17 paediatricians will be guest in the ‘Ask the Expert’ section every month.’’

‘’We explain all stages of birth and after birth.’’

Caglayan gave information about programme content:

‘’ Participants will receive ‘Introduction Questionnaire’ before starting the programme in order to maintain a confidential online place. Online programme content is about; meaning of birth, how birth starts, birth stages, when to go to the hospital, practices helpful to birth, vaginal delivery advantages, delivery rooms, first stage of birth, easing the labour pain, neonatal care, breast milk and breast feeding. Also, the programme also has visual and hands-on training. Participants are informed about pain management and asked to extend their legs and close their eyes during the education. The materials that can be used while breast feeding are introduced and every stage of birth and after birth are also explained.’’

Caglayan mentioned that every 32 weeks pregnant women can join the online programme and said:

‘’ Mothers who gave birth and are breast feeding can also join the programme’s neonatal care and breast feeding parts.’’

How to enroll to ‘’online Pregnancy School’’

Caglayan finished her words by explaining how to enroll to ‘‘Pregnancy School’’:

You can contact with our pregnancy authority Emine Nisa Var via 0212 460 73 91 number in order to enrol to the programme and you can also enrol by sending your information to nisa.var@medipol.com.tr mail address; name, surname, mail address and contact information are needed. ‘Introduction Questionnaire’ is sent to participants’ mail addresses. Families answering back to us will be received calendar programme passwords; hence, programme is automatically placed in their calendars. Participants will complete the education by joining 8 hours training within 2 weeks.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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