Marketyo enables local grocers to open up to e-commerce

Providing service at more than 300 delivery points with 150 thousand users in 51 provinces, Marketyo the online grocery shopping platform presents a personalized online market experience to shoppers, while opening its member stores to e-commerce and offering a new business model that makes them shareholders of the company.

The online market shopping platform Marketyo was born from the idea of ​​contributing to the digital transformation of local markets long before the pandemic period in which online shopping applications became indispensable.

Hosting this digital transformation today, Marketyo met with shoppers for the first time in May as an online grocery shopping application. Marketyo, which is the 3rd largest application among retail applications in terms of geographic prevalence, provides service with its “conventional grocer ” understanding. Marketyo aims to be at 81 provinces with 500 delivery spots and to be a $1 billion worth technology company emerged from Turkey at the end of 2021.

A brand-new business model where regular grocers are the shareholders of Marketyo

The biggest difference of Marketyo from existing online retail platforms is its partnership model with grocers. Marketyo is based on a new partnership model that not only positions its member grocers as sellers but also opens them to e-commerce and makes them shareholders.

Ozer Firat, the CEO of Marketyo said:

‘’The member grocery stores are our business partners, as we always tell them, we are strong together. I’m talking exactly about a shareholding model here. Our plan is to distribute 15 percent of Marketyo shares to our grocers in proportion to the order rates at the end of 2021 and to make them shareholders of Marketyo. If we underline it more concretely, we will be sharing $150 million of our $1 billion target with our partner grocery stores. We have not observed such a model in our country or anywhere else in the world. For the first time, an online platform not only brings local chains to online shopping, but also leads a new business model that makes local grocery stores a shareholder. In order to create a greater value, we want to grow by sharing and leave a culture of cooperation to our future generations.’’

‘’Customization is the basis of the good quality service understanding.’’

Firat continued:

‘’Customization is the basis of the good quality service understanding. Because every shopper has products customized for them. For example, when a mother with a baby goes to the grocery store, she chooses the beef grinded twice from its lean part. For the shopper, shopping online is not just buying 1 kg of ground beef; it is to be able to buy the beef grinded twice from its lean part, just like in the store. Marketyo is a platform that frees the shoppers’ product choices and leaves this area entirely to the shoppers. For this reason, we do not enter the race for delivery time, we do not calculate minutes. With more options, more customization and even personalized campaigns, we bring stores to shoppers with 2-hour delivery intervals.”

Which chocolate brand is favoured the most by woman?

Revealing important data from hundreds of thousands of shoppers’ demands, Marketyo stands out as an effective advertising and data analysis platform for brands. As a personalization-focused technology company, Marketyo is able to provide the industry with comprehensive analysis of consumption trends with collective and fractional data analysis. For example, what is the favourite chocolate brand for women between the ages of 25 and 34 in any region among 51 provinces? Or which two products does the shopper usually by together? How are the dynamics in fresh products, what kind of meat products are consumed more? Answers to all these questions and more are presented in Marketyo data analysis.

Visiting grocery stores without actually going to a one is possible

User experience and gamification are now very important for both classic commerce and e-commerce. Presenting interactive experiences in different ways has become even more critical, especially for new generation shoppers as the world is rapidly moving towards interactive structures. Marketyo blazes a trail with the strength it gets from innovation and R&D. For the first time in the world, shoppers will be able to visit a store in 3D via the Marketyo application. This privilege will revolutionize both the shopper experience and the online marketing activities of brands.

source: / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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