Market Surveillance and Supervision Agency unites market surveillance and inspection activities

Market surveillance and inspection activities carried out by different administrations are united under the umbrella of the Market Surveillance and Supervision Agency. The institution will develop a model for ensuring e-commerce product security.

E-commerce volume, which accelerated with Covid-19, increased by 66% in 2020 compared to the previous year and reached ₺226.2 billion. The number of businesses engaged in e-commerce activities increased to 256 thousand 861 as of 2020. Market surveillance and inspection activities in Turkey will be gathered under a single roof in order to consolidate the inspections carried out by different administrations in this area and to prevent duplications. For this purpose, it is planned to establish an independent “Market Surveillance and Supervision Agency”. According to the Presidential Annual Program for 2022, services for the development of trade and consumer protection will come to the fore next year. With quality-oriented, innovative approaches and practices, it is aimed to make Turkey one of the important trade centers where trade is done easily and safely, and consumer rights are observed and protected. In order to develop wholesale trade, the modernization of wholesale markets and similar structures will be ensured.


For this purpose, legislative studies and secondary regulations will be made. Studies on ensuring trust in e-commerce will be completed, and market share will be increased in regions where Turkey has a competitive advantage, especially due to geographical and cultural proximity. Within the scope of this target, legislative arrangements will be made to facilitate the process of receiving returns of products in cross-border e-commerce with the coordination of relevant institutions and the implementation will be improved. A service satisfaction index will be created for consumers. A “satisfaction index” will be created by the research to be carried out every year throughout Turkey by the universities and research institutions to be determined.


The number of e-commerce sites with the trust stamp, which is expected to reach 100 by the end of this year, is targeted to reach 250 next year. The rate of online shoppers, which is 44% this year, is expected to exceed 51% next year. The e-commerce transaction volume is expected to reach ₺340 billion at the end of the year and ₺450 billion next year.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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