Market shelves will be rented in distant countries for Turkish products

Domestic products will enter the shelves of distant countries

With the ‘Farth Countries Strategy’, which was recently introduced by the Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş, it is aimed to spread the export success of Turkiye, which it has achieved in its close geography, especially in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, to the global arena.

According to the aforementioned strategy document and action plan, while preparing the strategy, the focus was on increasing the export range, which was 3 thousand 65 kilometers on average, above the world average of 4 thousand 744 kilometers.

In this context, 18 target countries for the development of trade are determined, these countries are USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Chile from the Americas, China, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, Africa from the Asian continent. South Africa and Nigeria, and Oceania, Australia.

With the strategy, it is also aimed to transport export products and service exports to the farthest points of the world and to increase the awareness of the Turkish brand.

According to the strategy, support will be increased by intensifying promotional activities, especially advertising activities in the written and visual media for these countries. In the consumption channels of the countries, shopping malls and chain stores will be specifically targeted.

TV series/films and digital games will be used to increase the awareness of export products, movie and TV actors will be used, and product placement on these platforms will be encouraged.

A common marketing strategy for design-oriented luxury consumption products in the niche sectors to be determined will be created for distant countries, and support mechanisms will be developed for these products.

Support mechanisms will be designed for the simultaneous structuring of multi-channel brands located in Turkiye in shopping malls and large stores in the relevant country and in important e-commerce market places. Cooperation with the purchasing units of chain supermarkets in distant countries will be developed and studies will be carried out to rent shelves in department stores and retail stores. Contribution will be made to the legislative work that will allow the use of payment systems that are widely used in the relevant distant country.


Integrated, continuous “phygital marketing” (a method that blends physical and digital marketing) activities will be encouraged and a state aid mechanism will be developed to support these activities.

By reaching business people from distant countries, promotional activities will be held in the format of success stories on topics such as meeting stories with traders in Turkiye. In this context, a mechanism will be established where Turkish companies that have achieved success in exporting to distant countries will mentor exporters targeting these countries.

Studies will be carried out to reduce costs in air cargo transportation with distant countries.

Training programs will be held on e-commerce marketplaces and social networks in the relevant country through foreign representatives, and manufacturers and exporters will be informed about e-commerce and market entry opportunities with the“E-Export Information Platform” to be established.

The expenditures required for entry and promotion to the e-commerce market will be defined in the e-export support program.


Promotion and cooperation activities will be organized with sponsorships on the relevant Twitch, YouTube and similar channels for the promotion of the games of the leading companies in the gaming industry. It will be encouraged to take place in software-application-game stores on mobile devices in distant countries.

International prestigious events that will increase the international recognition of Turkish TV series/film productions will be determined and participation in these events will be encouraged with additional support elements. In order to establish the competitiveness of the animation industry in international markets, support elements such as dubbing and subtitle expenses, anti-piracy expenses will be supported with additional support items.

Prioritization will be applied in resource allocation to companies exporting to distant countries by Eximbank. Efforts will be made to give buyer credits to support projects to be undertaken in distant countries and goods to be exported to distant countries. Efforts will be made to establish joint financing models with the Asian Development Bank for the financing of contracting projects in Asian countries.

Efforts will also be made to introduce Turkiye’s opportunities in the conservative clothing and tourism sector to the Muslim population in the countries within the scope of the strategy.



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