Malatya exported $113M dried apricots till Jun 2020

113 million 317 thousand foreign currency came in for 42 thousand 670 tons of apricot exported from Malatya between January and June.

According to the data of Malatya Exchange Commodity Market; the third product geographically indicated by the European Union is Malatya apricot, after ‘Antep baklava’ and ‘Aydın fig’.

Ramazan Özcan, the president of Malatya Exchange Commodity Market, said:

‘’Staple foods came forward during the pandemic period and yet Malatya apricot still was able to maintain it’s export. Dried apricot export wasn’t interrupted because consumers went towards the products boosting the immune system during the pandemic. 5 thousand 128 tons of dried apricot valued at 13 million 650 thousand dollars were exported in June; there was 1500 tons of increase in June export compared to May’s. 42 thousand 670 tons of dried apricot valued at 113 million 317 thousand dollars were exported in the first six months of 2020. Dried apricot is the source of income of nearly 50 thousand families in Malatya.’’

‘’Malatya exports dry apricot to 120 countries.’’

Özcan emphasized that dried apricot is an indispensable choice of consumers based on the export data, he continued:

‘’100 thousand tons of apricot are exported every year in average. Our new harvest season has started; the new export season will be starting in August. We aim at providing the consumers with high quality and healthy products. We export apricots to 120 countries annually. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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