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Low interest rates for housing loans revive the furniture sector in Turkey

Ozcan Ayhan, the president of Inegol Chamber of Cabinetmakers said that the sector recovers itself with normalization period after the calm pandemic period. He said:

‘’ The vitality of the furniture sector is restored after the normalization period and weddings. House sales are increasing after the low interest rates for housing loans; people need new furniture with new houses. Summer season, increasing number of weddings, delayed spring cleaning are all bringing vitality to our sector and as a result, the sales has increased. If sales continue at this level, both producers and consumers will be contented.’’

Exports sales are also recovering

Ayhan stated that the domestic market sale and export also reach normal levels. He continued:

‘’We predict that there will be an increase at the exports that was negatively affected by the pandemic as from 2021. Inegol Furniture Expo will be held between October 5 and 10; the export numbers will increase within the expo also, If we maintain the numbers of last year and add some, we will not lose anything.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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