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Locally produced speed radars coming to Turkey’s roads

The locally developed mobile speed detection system will be used by traffic units this year.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, MESAN Electronics Industry Trade Inc, operating in Ankara Technopark, is working on field and traffic safety. Providing devices and systems for critical missions to the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, General Directorate of Security, and other public institutions and organizations, MESAN has developed more advanced domestic alternatives to various devices and equipment procured from abroad through its R&D studies.

MESAN, which started to offer domestic mine detectors to the use of security forces, this time focused on the radar field and produced local solutions against mobile speed detection systems supplied from abroad.

Medar MTS, developed by MESAN engineers, was also entitled to receive the “Domestic Goods” certificate. With the Medar MTS Mobile Speed Detection System developed for portable platforms after nearly 2 years of R&D work, vehicle speed, class, lane, location, license plate, and vehicle image, as well as many important data can be determined for each vehicle.

Medar MTS, which allows setting speed limits based on lane and vehicle class, can monitor dozens of vehicles up to 4 lanes simultaneously with a single system and can determine their violations separately.

Will enter the inventory this year

Medar MTS offers many innovative features compared to existing mobile radars supplied from abroad. Among the prominent capabilities of Medar MTS are detection technology with lidar instead of old generation Doppler technology, detection of violations of dozens of vehicles at the same time instead of one vehicle, night application with built-in night vision unit, creating automatic violation file at the time of application instead of finding the moment of violation in the video, determining vehicle and lane-based speed limits by performing not only speed but also vehicle classification and lane detection, the creation of high-resolution license plate and vehicle images instead of low-resolution violation images that cause objection, the ability to apply on a tripod either on the vehicle or on the roadside with an integrated single-piece structure instead of a multi-part structure.

Medar MTS will serve within the scope of the measures to be taken to minimize accidents in the “Vision 2023” Road Traffic Safety Action Plan, which covers the period of Turkey 2021-2023. After the R&D process, the first contract was signed for Medar MTS, which was made ready with adaptation and field tests according to needs analysis, which lasted about 1 year, and the radar will start to work in the service of traffic units this year.

It will also contribute to public order

Medar MTS Mobile Speed Detection System, while fulfilling its main function, was designed in an expandable structure for average speed detection and public security purposes. In this context, Medar MTS will be able to offer many applications such as creating license plate and vehicle visuals, vehicle counting, traffic density, and statistical information, thus meeting different needs.

Mustafa Unlu, General Manager of MESAN Electronics Industry Trade Inc, stated that they continue their work in line with the National Technology Move.

Stating that they are proud to bring another important solution to the country, Unlu said, “We foresee that the system, which has a significant impact abroad, will take an important place in our country’s technology exports in a short time.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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