Limak Construction is ranked 61st biggest contracting company in the world

Engineering News Record (ENR) is a reference magazine for international construction industry; Top 250 Global Contractors list is prepared according to the external revenues of contractors. The magazine presented the 2020 list.  Limak Construction Company is ranked as 61st and was placed as 55th in 2019.

Limak Construction Company realizes big projects in construction and engineering fields and shows global improvements; the company go 6 ranks up this year and maintained its position as second among the other 44 Turkish companies in the list. Limak Construction Company is one of the leading construction groups around the globe.

Projects worth 10 billion dollars

Limak Construction has completed successfully over 100 projects in airports, harbours, dams, irrigation facilities, highways, hydro electrical stations, physical plants, petrol and natural gas pipelines, building complexes and holiday camps; the total worth of all these projects is 10 billion dollars. Limak Construction is also succeeded in sustainability operations, Occupational Health and Safety (ISG).

The company also provided 20 percent more efficiency in unit water consumption compared to 2017 and had 97 percent rate in customer satisfaction in 2019.

Limak Construction Company Union operates in 15 countries with more than 60 thousand employees and has many projects in different sectors. The company stated its goals in 2018-2019 sustainability report; realization of studies to develop the sustainability understanding in different sectors, 40 percent increase in women employees by 2026, 25 percent more energy efficiency by 2026, 28 percent more water efficiency, 27 percent decrease in emissions, zero waste, at least 30 percent usage of renewable energy resources by 2030, safe working environment, increase in worker engagement and sustainability education for all suppliers by 2026 are the company goals for the next 10 years.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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