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Legal security to the foreign investor’s property right is coming

Legal security is coming to foreign investors with the Human Rights Action Plan. With this plan, the property rights of foreign investments will be protected.

With the implementation to be implemented with the “Human Rights Action Plan” announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, legal security for the rights of foreign investors is coming. According to the news of Eda Isik and Hazal Ates from Sabah, the property rights of foreign investors will also be secured with the new future plan.

Within the scope of the property right, the foreign investor’s possession of the commercial property in Turkey will be protected by a legal guarantee. In the zoning plans, the limitations imposed on the property right for the purpose of allocation to the public service and the grievances caused by legal confiscation will be removed. It will be ensured that real estate sales contracts can be made in notaries. The Expropriation Law and related legislation will be reviewed, including provisions on urgent expropriation, with the aim of effective protection of property rights. The issues affecting the property right in the administrative jurisdiction will be resolved quickly by trial.

Source: Emlakkulisi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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