Kursunlu strawberry is exported to 4 countries, expected to bring about ₺300 million income

The first harvest of the year has begun in the Kursunlu strawberry, known as the red diamond, produced in the Inegol district of Bursa. Strawberry, which is exported to 4 countries, is expected to bring about ₺300 million in income.

The excitement of harvesting is experienced in Kursunlu strawberries, which are produced in the rural Kursunlu neighborhood of Inegol district. While the farmers are performing the first harvest of the year, the harvest of the strawberry known as “Red diamond” will last for 8 months. Kursunlu strawberries, which are sold for ₺9 per kilo in the field and are the livelihood of the citizens living in the neighborhood of one thousand 100 houses in the region, are planned to be exported to Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and Iraq this year, as in previous years.


Sezai Celik, President of Inegol Agriculture Chamber, stated that strawberries are grown on an area of 10 thousand decares. Celik said, “The harvest starts in May and lasts until December. 35 thousand tons of strawberries are harvested annually. It is sold for ₺9 per kilogram. Here, 4 tons of strawberries are harvested per decare. The annual return is approximately ₺300 million.”


Stating that strawberries were also exported, Celik said, “We will export them to Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and Iraq. We have no market problem. Our region has achieved comfort and peace in terms of agriculture. The aroma of our strawberries is very good. The demand is very high. The farmers of this place are very lucky. They work in factories in this neighborhood and at the same time, almost everyone produces strawberries here.”


Farmer Unal Zengin said, “We started our first harvest in our Kursunlu neighborhood. We are sending strawberries all over Turkey. We export them to several countries. The difference of our lead strawberries from strawberries in other provinces is at the forefront with its shape, shelf life, aroma and 8-month harvest. Our harvest, which started in May, continues until December. We are in the fields with children. The livelihood of 98% of the residents of our neighborhood is strawberries. Strawberry is our symbol. Our neighborhood is known as the strawberry village in Turkey.”

Source: Hurriyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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