Kocaeli industrial zone is seeing increase in utilization ratios

Ayhan Zeytinoglu, the board chairman of Kocaeli Industry Chamber (KSO) stated that they are happy that the monthly recoveries from pandemic restrictions still continue after they see the increase in August utilization ratio.

Zeytinoglu evaluated the increase in utilization ratio of August in his statement by saying:

‘’Even though August utilization ratios of Turkey and Kocaeli are lower than last year’s, the recovery still continues on monthly basis.’’

KSO presents the manufacturing industry utilization ratios every month; according to that information, August ratios are increased by 68.5 percent and over 3.4 points.

Zeytinoglu mentioned that according to KSO data, 32.5 percent of firms increased their capacity usage, 40.7 percent of firms remained steady and 26.8 percent decreased their capacity usage in August. Also, 19 percent of the firms increased their employment ratios, 75 percent of firms remained steady and 6 percent decreased their employment ratio in August.

‘’Almost every factory in Kocaeli is active.’’

Zeytinoglu said:

‘’We are happy to see that recovery from the pandemic still continues. Almost every factory in Kocaeli is active in August; only 2 firms are at rest and they operate on lower capacities, we believe that their capacity will reach normal levels on third quarter. 24 percent of the firms stated that there will be an increase in domestic orders while 19 percent of firms stated a decrease regarding September, 57 percent remained steady. 23 percent of the firms participated in the survey stated that foreign orders are increased in August while 17 percent of them stated a decrease, 60 percent of them remained steady. It is satisfactory to see the increase in foreign order.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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