Kilit Group invested ₺1 billion in tourism during the pandemic

Continuing its investments despite the pandemic, Kilit Group opened its 21st hotel, Nirvana Cosmopolitan. The hotel was built with an investment of ₺1 billion.

The Turkish tourism sector continues its investments despite being badly injured in the pandemic. Kilit Group, which continues its activities in the tourism sector with the brands Crystal and Nirvana, opened its 21st hotel. Kilit Group, which bought and renovated the Kervansaray Hotel in Antalya Lara in 2019, invested t1 billion in Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel. The hotel will provide additional employment for 1,800 people.


Meeting with the press in Antalya, the senior management of the group answered the questions. Stating that they set out with greater hopes after a difficult period, Kilit Group Board Member Tolga Kilit said, “We are still feeling the effects of the pandemic. We have 21 hotels within the group. We have opened the season with this hotel that we have made a new investment. Our goal is to open the doors of all our hotels this season. Stating that Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel will remain open for 12 months, Kilit said, “We planned our budgets in a period of 5 months. We aim for 70-75% occupancy at this hotel during this period. As a group, we have always kept the share of the domestic market high, not only in times of crisis. We plan to provide 25% of this occupancy from the domestic market.”


Stating that a serious wedding demand has begun to come for the winter period, Kilit stated that the hotel was built with a concept for sports tourism and said, “We will also work on MICE and sports organizations in the coming years.” In addition to tourism, Kilit Group operates in livestock-food under the brand Kilit Et, in the industrial kitchen under the brand Ar Yildiz, in the textile sector under the Max Style brand, and in the retail sector with the Gallery Crystal brand, with an asset size of €1.5 billion. The company achieved a turnover of €650 million in 2019. Kilit Group Board Member Pelin Kilit stated that they managed the crisis because they supported the activities in tourism with their side branches and said that they were working to open the group abroad.


CRYSTAL Hotels CEO Oman Cetinbas said that the group made serious efforts not to lose qualified personnel during the pandemic period. Cetinbas said, “In this difficult period, the short-time working allowance (KCO) has given us a serious breather.” Noting that this season will not be easy, Nirvana Hotels Group CEO Korhan Alsan said, “KCO should continue until the middle of 2022. Hotels that remain open in winter should be supported more.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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