Kargopark: Common cargo station in public places for items delivery & self service

Kargopark serves as a common cargo station that is monitored 24/7 with security cameras, it turns cargo delivery into self-service and facilitates both site/residence management and residents in cargo processes. Defining itself as the common station of cargoes, the company acts with the logic of Common ATM.

The company places Kargoparks, which can be used by all e-commerce and cargo companies, on busy and on-road places and enables users to receive their cargo 24/7 whenever they want, and operates these cabinets with the infrastructure developed entirely by Kargopark itself.

Cooperation with Opet under the name Ultrakargo

In cooperation with Opet, the company wants to place Kargopark cabinets in Turkey’s Opet stations in various provinces particularly in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya and wants to make life easier for end-users who receive their cargo while passing through the station. Today, 25 active Kargoparks are available at Opet stations, and the initial plan is to increase this number to over 100 in a short time like 3 months.

Kargopark, which was implemented by Erdal Ozkan and Mehmet Yildizdogan, the founding partners of Senkron Yazilim, increased its growth plans in June 2020 by receiving investment from Hakan Arikan, one of the founders of Bukoli. Hakan Arikan is a board member of Kargopark together with Erdal Ozkan and Mehmet Yildizdogan.

Kargopark’s income models

Companies that do not want to make the entire machine investment can rent as many compartments as they want from Kargopark with the shared model. Thus, they avoid both idle investments due to common use and they can focus on their business without spending effort. Only compartment rental is received from companies for this service; Kargopark itself offers all cleaning, operation, and software development services. In this way, all e-commerce and cargo companies become included in this system and it makes it possible to use common Kargopark stations.

A system suitable for use by all e-commerce and cargo companies, the initiative has integration with Trendyol Express, Yurtici Kargo, and MNG regarding the use of Kargopark stations. Currently, Kargopark stations can be selected for Trendyol shipments on the Trendyol website. There are also many companies that will be included in the system soon. There are 50 Kargopark stations, all in Istanbul, the company’s aim is to reach 25 stations by the end of the first quarter of 2021, and to reach 500 common Kargopark stations across Turkey within a year.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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