KARGOMsende has reached 81 cities in 1 year

Turkey’s new generation cargo company, KARGOMsende, closed the first year of its establishment with a record growth.

The brand, which started its operations in November 2020 under the umbrella of Turkuvaz Media and brings a new breath to the logistics sector with its five regional directorates and 145 distribution centers in 81 provinces as of today, draws attention with its innovative technology. The company, which is the only cargo company that can deliver live tracking and time intervals in 81 provinces, also made a difference with the least handling and a damage-loss ratio of 3 per hundred thousand.


Commenting on their first year, KARGOMsende General Manager Cem Ozyigit explained that they established an infrastructure based on artificial intelligence. Ozyigit said, “We have an end-to-end technological infrastructure designed according to the needs of online sellers and buyers. We have become the only cargo company in Turkey that offers live tracking of the shipment on the map, delivery time notification, and the opportunity to easily change the delivery date, address and person. In the adventure that started with leading e-commerce brands such as D&R and Idefix, today we are working with Turkey’s largest e-commerce brands.” Ozyigit emphasized that they blend the access capacity of conventional cargoes covering 81 provinces with the advanced technology-oriented service that new generation cargoes can offer only in a limited geography. “Thanks to the business model that brings a new understanding to the industry and the competitive prices we have created, we have become a brand that makes a difference in the market, we have a delivery performance of 99.7%, a damage-loss ratio of 3 per hundred thousand and an average delivery rate of 1.3 days to the whole of Turkey. Our customers can access information about their shipment via the e-branch/receiver mobile site, which is accessed on a mobile basis in a way that does not require downloading any application, and from that moment on, we start to offer our delivery service completely open to the control of the buyer. We also offer many personalized services.”


Saying that KARGOMSENDE has attracted attention with its 99.7% delivery rate and 10 thousands of positive buyer comments, Tuncel Sunar, Deputy General Manager, said, “With the strength of more than half a century of distribution experience that Turkuvaz Dagitim Pazarlama Inc. has achieved by covering more than 70 thousand km every day to more than 25 thousand sales points in 81 provinces with its fleet of 1,350 vehicles, we offer the “best customer experience in the industry” at competitive prices. There are 5 regional directorates and 145 distribution centers all over Turkey.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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