Jolly Tour will open its brand abroad: Early booking campaign started

2022 preparations have started in tourism. Next year, a great demand is expected from abroad, especially with the effect of vaccination. Tour operators rolled up their sleeves for domestic tourists. Jolly launched its early booking campaign yesterday. In the campaign, where discounts of up to 50% will be made, advantages such as paying one fourth of the holiday, completing the remaining amount in the last three days, and the right to cancel and return without specifying any conditions until three days before will be offered. The company, which will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2022, will also open its brand abroad and make in-coming (bringing tourists from abroad). Aiming to bring Turks living abroad to Turkey as of January 1, Jolly will show them the homeland with cultural tours organized in 26 cities.

We have grown 80% in turnover

Mete Vardar, Chairman of the Board of Jolly, who held a meeting with the press, said, “Despite all the difficulties, we achieved 80% growth in turnover and 30% growth in the number of people in 2021, which was under the effect of the pandemic.” Explaining that these rates encourage them for 2022, Vardar said, “We have completed the contracts for 2022, when we will celebrate our 35th anniversary, and we have started the early booking sale as of today (yesterday). Prices this year will be 25% higher than the same period last year. This year, early booking discounts will end in May at some hotels and in April at some hotels, and season prices will begin. Therefore, early booking is more important than every year. It is very important not only for the price, but also for finding a place in the desired hotel.”

We aim to make 10% of the guests we will serve domestically in 2022 consist of expatriates living abroad

Jolly CEO Mert Vardar also stated that they will carry their brands abroad on January 1st and said, “We want to bring Turks living abroad to our country and tour them with cultural tours. There are Turks who have lived in Hamburg and have never seen Cappadocia. Or he lives in Berlin but does not know Pamukkale. We will show them the beauties of their country. With this operation, we aim to make 10% of the guests we will serve domestically in 2022 consist of expatriates living abroad.” Explaining that the in-coming operation will be online-based, Mert Vardar said, “We will serve with the service connections we provide to the b2b and b2c channels of our overseas partners.”


Mete Vardar, who also made evaluations about the sector, reminded that the whole world and Turkey have been fighting against Covid-19 for almost two years, “With the vaccination movement in the world, a rapid progress was made in the fight against the epidemic. In the tourism sector, which felt the greatest impact in this period, the trend of normalization began, especially with vaccination. The world has packed its bags to travel again.” Pointing out that Turkey will be one of the countries that will receive the greatest attention in the strong tourism movement that will emerge in the new period, Vardar said: “In 2021, Europe and Russia opened in June. Doors will open to guests from all over the world in 2022. Therefore, it will be very difficult to find a place in hotels in Turkey during the summer season.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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