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Izmir: Damage caused by heavy rain is getting worse

The body of a person in the vehicle caught in floodwaters was found in Menderes. In Balcova, the soil dragged by rain waters covered the roads and workplaces in the industrial site. In the city, the amount of rainfall per square meter in the last 14 hours has increased to 142 kilograms.

The damage caused by the downpour that started last night and intensified in intervals in Izmir is growing.

A car, on its way to Menderes, was caught in flood waters near Yenikoy Balaban Creek. The body of Kaan Soydan in the vehicle was found 2 kilometers below. The search for Hidir Ozturk (65), his father-in-law in the same car, continues.

Some houses in Yenikoy Akcakoy, Derekoy, Kuner, Develi, and Altintepe districts of Menderes were evacuated due to overflow of rivers.

Izmir: Damage caused by heavy rain is getting worse 2

Flood waters dragged soil to industrial site

In Balcova district, rain waters dragged the soils on the slope to the industrial site. The land dragged by the flood reached the workplaces on a site, roads were closed. Some vehicles on the site also got stuck in the mud.

In addition, heavy rainfall caused flooding in Cetin Emec District Yahya River.

Balcova Municipality announced that there were problems in two neighborhoods due to river overflow and rainwater coming from the mountains, and damage occurred in around 50 houses and workplaces and 40 vehicles.

Latest situation in sea and transportation

Due to the floodwaters flowing into the sea, the color of Izmir Bay turned brown.

In the Turan location of Altinyol that connects the two sides of the gulf, transportation from Karsiyaka to Konak direction cannot be provided due to flooding.

Traffic flow restarted with the withdrawal of water in parts of Anadolu Street on the Izmir-Canakkale road that was closed to access due to flooding.

Police and municipal teams took measures at various points in the city to ensure traffic flow.

142 kilograms of rainfall per square meter

The amount of rainfall per square meter in the city center in Izmir in the last 14 hours has reached 142 kilograms.

According to the data of the 2nd Regional Directorate of Meteorology, in the last 14 hours, 142 square meters of precipitation fell in the center of Izmir, 129 in Bayrakli, 109 in Balcova, 103 in Menderes, 87 in Bornova, 81 in Buca, 65 kilograms in Kemalpasa.

Informing that strong rainfall in Izmir will be effective until tomorrow morning, meteorology officials advised people to be careful and cautious against floods.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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