Italy preferred Turkey the most in foreign investment in 2020

Italians invested $970 million in Turkey in the January-November period of 2020, while US investors invested $769 million and Dutch investors $491 million.

While Italy was the country that made the most foreign direct investment with $970 million in the January-November period of last year, it was noteworthy that the sector preferred by international investors in this period was “information and communication”.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the amount of foreign direct investments in Turkey reached $4 billion 642 million in the January-November period of 2020.

Looking at the distribution of foreign direct investments by regions, Europe ranked first with $3 billion 285 million. European investors’ investment in Turkey accounted for 70.8% of the total foreign investment amount in the said period.

Europe was followed by America with $783 million, North America with $772 million, Asia with $556 million, other Asian countries with $367 million, Near and Middle East countries with $189 million, and Gulf countries with $183 million.

Italy, USA, and Netherlands preferred Turkey the most for investment

In this period, Italy took the first place in the distribution of foreign direct investments by country with $970 million.

While the investments of US investors towards Turkey were realized at the level of $769 million, Dutch investors also invested $491 million in Turkey.

These countries were followed by England with $460 million, Luxembourg with $428 million, Germany with $264 million, Ireland with $167 million, Hong Kong with $157 million, France with $144 million, and Japan with $113 million.

On the other hand, the investment amount of Italy, which ranked first in investment in Turkey in the 11-month period of 2020, was realized at the level of $94 million in 2019, and Italian investors ranked 12th with this amount.

The top 5 countries that preferred Turkey in direct investment in 2019 were Holland with $1 billion 169 million, England with $874 million, Qatar with $570 million, Azerbaijan with $566 million, and Germany with $467 million.

Investors showed the most interest in the “information and communication” sector

The most preferred sector by foreign investors in January-November last year was “information and communication”. The amount of foreigners’ investments in the sector in question was $1 billion 290 million.

In this period, $1 billion 147 million investment was made in “finance and insurance activities”, $842 million in “manufacturing” sector, $400 million in “wholesale and retail trade”, $332 million in “transportation and storage” sector, $108 million in “mining and quarrying” sector.

The sectors most preferred by foreign investors in 2019 were “manufacturing” with $1 billion 930 million, “finance and insurance” with $900 million, and “wholesale and retail trade” with $892 million.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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