Istanbul Trade Chamber ITO presented the July 2020 wage earners & cost of living index

Istanbul Trade Chamber (ITO) presented the July 2020 wage earners’ cost of living index; according to that, Istanbul retail prices were increased by 0.44 percent while wholesale prices were increased by 1.45 percent in July compared to the month before.

July 2020 wage earners’ cost of living index exchange rate is 13.41 percent and index of wholesale prices exchange rate is 7.59 percent compared to the year before.

July 2020 retail prices of culture, education, recreation expenses were increased by 3.64 percent, housing expenses were increased by 2.31 percent, house decoration expenses were increased by 1.51 percent, transport and communication expenses were increased by 0.82 percent, health and personal care expenses were increased by 0.12 percent; clothing expenses were decreased by 2.68 percent and food expenses were decreased by 0.50 percent compared to the month before. Prices of other expense groups remained the same.

July 2020 wholesale prices of chemical materials were increased by 9.63 percent, minerals were increased by 6.03 percent, fuel and energy materials were increased by 1.11 percent, raw materials were increased by 0.54 percent, eatables were increased by 0.29 percent, and construction equipment were increased by 0.26 percent compared to the month before. Textiles maintained it’s prices.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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