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Istanbul to be a global entrepreneurship centre: Presidential Annual Program of 2021

According to the Presidential Annual Program of 2021, innovative financing opportunities for SMEs and entrepreneurs will be developed during the program period. Alternative financing opportunities such as corporate and individual venture capital, crowdfunding and impact investment will be strengthened and their use will be increased.

Turkey Platform Ecosystem Initiative from which all stakeholders in the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem can benefit will be established. In this platform, which will be updated regularly, entrepreneurship information will be presented, investors will be introduced, information about incubation and acceleration centres that entrepreneurs can use will be found, supports for entrepreneurship will be summarized, trainings will be listed and developments will be shared.

Priority will be given to the development of structures to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem. For this purpose, secondary legislation studies regarding the establishment of incubation centres in different locations and city centres of technology development zones (TGB) will be completed. Administration, R&D, workshop, incubation centre buildings and infrastructure constructions of TDZs will be supported and thus more suitable areas will be created for new entrepreneurs.

Mechanisms will be developed to encourage corporate companies and their managers to participate in acceleration programs for early-stage initiatives, become investors, provide mentoring support, and provide order support.

Additional support for branding and e-commerce

Bureaucratic and legal predictability will be increased and legislation will be simplified in order to improve entrepreneurship. For this purpose, a National Entrepreneurship Strategy will be prepared. Units that will provide, education on innovation and state aid, consultancy & information support on entrepreneurship and R&D will be created for craftsmen within the chambers and unions of tradesmen and craftsmen.

The Tradesmen and Craftsmen Support System will be renewed, the diversity of financial supports will be provided, and loan support with favourable terms will continue. The efficiency of these supports will be increased by providing additional interest support to the tradesmen and craftsmen who turn to the manufacturing sector, export, branding and e-commerce in the loans granted by the Treasury.

Istanbul will be turned into a regional and global entrepreneurship centre. In this context, the International Istanbul Entrepreneurship Program will be launched, which includes support and regulations that will make it attractive for initiatives and ecosystem actors from abroad to come to the country. The Istanbul International Entrepreneurship Strategy prepared within the scope of this program will be implemented in cooperation with stakeholders.

Regulations on social entrepreneurship will be made, the capacity to measure social impact will be increased, and the amount of support will be increased gradually, according to the analysis results, in proportion to the contribution of good practices to society. In regions where social entrepreneurship potential is high, support programs will be implemented in the fields of “social entrepreneurship”, “social innovation” and “social responsibility”.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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