Istanbul: The historical inn put up for sale for ₺120 million

Leman Esma Kasay Han, which was built in Sultanahmet in the 1800s by Nuri Kenan Pasha, one of the sultan’s doctors during the reign of Abdulhamit II, was put up for sale for ₺120 million. The family said, “We leave the demands from abroad in the second and third place. We want to give this place first to a family that will keep our cultural heritage alive.”

Leman Esma Kasay Han was built in the 1800s by Nuri Kenan Pasha, one of the sultan’s doctors, during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamit II. At that time, Nuri Kenan Pasha was using this place as his clinic. Nuri Kenan Pasha, who left his house in Kanlica for the remainder of his time as a doctor at the palace, came to his office where he treated his patients for free. Nuri Kenan Pasha gifted his clinic to his granddaughter Leman Esma Kasay after a while. Thus, the inn where his clinic is located was called Leman Esma Kasay Han(Inn).

Located in the heart of Istanbul and adjacent to the most important historical symbols of the world, the building is 70 meters from Hagia Sophia, 30 meters from the Basilica Cistern, and 100 meters from the Blue Mosque. In addition, the building is located right next to the Million Stone, which was built to measure the distance of all cities to the Eastern Roman Empire and is considered the center of the world. Leman Esma Kasay Han was put up for sale with the decision of Nuri Kenan Pasha’s heirs. A fee of ₺120 million is required for the historical inn. The family elders have only one wish from the sale, and that is the new buyer to preserve the culture and history of this inn.


Luxury Housing Specialist Evrim Kirmizitas Basaran Leman, who deals with sales on behalf of the family, made a statement to Demiroren News Agency (DHA) about Esma Kasay Han. Evrim Kirmizitas Basaran said, “This is done by Nuri Kenan Pasha, the palace doctor of the Ottoman sultans Abdulhamid II, in the 1800s. He was a very successful palace doctor. There is a mansion with its own name in Kanlica. This was the workplace. It is mentioned as a clinic in history. Here, he examined his patients free of charge in the remaining parts of his time as a doctor of the palace. “This room smells history.””

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Explaining the location of the historical inn, Evrim Basaran said, “It is the zero point of the world as a location. Due to its location, we see Topkapi Palace, right next to Hagia Sophia-i Kebîr Mosque, Zero Stone, Basilica Cistern, Hurrem Sultan’s Baths, German Fountain, and the hippodrome. This is the only work that has seen all of it and is on 3 facades. It is a second-degree historical monument. In the 1970s, this place was restored. The exterior was preserved and the interior was changed as desired. The grandchildren of Nuri Kenan Pasha’s great-grandchildren are now selling. It is an important value to offer such private real estates for sale from their first owners. We are experiencing the excitement of this right now.”


Explaining the sales condition of the family elders, Basaran said, “We contacted certain people on this issue. There is an issue that the family is very sensitive to. It is not like I give my money and I will be the owner of this place. This is the value of a country. We call it world heritage. We leave it in the second and third place to the demands from abroad. Because this is one of the historical monuments such as Topkapi Palace, such as Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque. We want this culture to be kept alive here. This is one of the most important priorities of the family. Trade is in the second and third place. I hope the cultural heritage of a well-established and well-known family will find value in the same way. There were demands. A global Chinese brand came here. They wanted to make it a corporate headquarters. We suspended it. A well-known Japanese brand also made an offer and we suspended it. We want to give this place first to a family who will keep our cultural heritage alive. We receive our offers through a written offer. We left them in the background saying that we will get back to you while evaluating the offers.”


Describing the historical artifacts inside, Basaran said, “Nuri Kenan Pasha gifted this place to his granddaughter while he was alive and made the name live as Leman Esma Kasay Han. Now, the grandchildren of Leman have put on sale. There are many people who want to buy real estates with such stories. There is a 150-year-old newspaper. There are ink tanks. There are books by Leman. There is the radio where the Second World War was listened to. In fact, the phone that Nuri Kenan Pasha was calling the palace is here. That phone opens into a special compartment and archive room. They say that some things are lived without being told, this is the same. My hairs raise every time I walk in. They all have a different touch.”

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Evrim Kirmizitas Basaran concluded her words as follows: “This is a commercial building with a closed area of 616 square meters. When you look at it, it looks like an ordinary real estate sale, when we delivered it to an international company approved by the Capital Markets Board (CMB), they determined a sale value of about 2 times this place. Our owner wanted this place to be offered for sale in the required figure. They wanted to reach the right person. That’s why our sales figure is ₺120 million.”

Source: / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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