Istanbul Airport will be a culture and art center

Istanbul Airport Operator IGA gathers projects in the fields of culture and art under the umbrella of IGART. Competitors who will participate in the project within the scope of IGART will have the opportunity to exhibit all their talents at the airport, including exhibitions, workshops and live music performances.

Within the scope of IGART, which was started at Istanbul Airport, the first work will be the “Under the Viaduct” competition in the metro exit area of the airport. While prize money will be given to the winners in these competitions, the winner in all branches will be awarded ₺1 million in addition to the copyright to the project owner as the grand prize. The jury members of the project were painter and academician Prof. Dr. Husamettin Kocan, Prof. Dr. Gulveli Kaya, Nazli Pektas, Deniz Odabas, Prof. Dr. Marcus Graf, Gokhan Sengul, Murat Tabanlioglu, Mehmet Ali Guveli, Mehmet Fehmi Bilge. At the IGART project introductory meeting, IGA Chief Executive Officer Kadri Samsunlu and IGART Executive Board Chairman Academician Prof. Dr. Husamettin Kocan gave information about the work.


Speaking at the introductory meeting about the project, IGA Chief Executive Officer Kadri Samsunlu said, “Istanbul is a culture and art title. Wherever we go, we can experience the culture and art texture of the district. Besides that this beautiful city, I came here when I was 18 years old. A city that lives everything 24/7. When you get bored and go out on the street, you have the chance to see all the vitality, people and various textures of the city. Next to it is a commercial center and a constantly developing city. The same is true for Istanbul Airport. There is also a very serious trade operation going on at Istanbul Airport. We experience some of them with our passengers and some of them with our most important stakeholder, airline companies. IGA is also a constantly evolving business. The main reason for this continuous improvement is to please our passengers and to provide an unforgettable experience during their time here.”


Expressing that they do not own the only airport in the world, Samsunlu continued his speech as follows:

“We are competing with Dubai, Qatar, Frankfurt, London. We have to be able to touch people while competing with them. If we can leave the special experience they have had at an Istanbul Airport in everyone’s pocket, if we turn Istanbul Airport into a living space for those passengers, if we bring that passenger here again, we win the race. Today, we can easily say that we are one of the best airports in the world. But being one of the best airports is not enough, we need to differentiate in many areas. When we achieve this, we will succeed in becoming the number one city in the world and the number one airport in the world like Istanbul.”

Answering the questions of the members of the press, IGART Executive Board Chairman Academician Prof. Dr. Husamettin Kocan said, “The IGART Project is a project that we have wanted to implement in Turkey for a long time. The peculiarity of this project is to open a representation space for the artist and to create a dimension that can enable the artist’s production to meet with people. The fact that there are projects that can create economic resources for the artist in this direction. Transforming the most impressive aspect of art into a continuous relationship with architecture. With this, a richer, more creative architecture and art public relationship will be established. With all these aspects, this is a unique project. This project will create a new relationship between art, architecture and public environment for Turkey, maybe for the world. In addition, he made an addition to the rewards system. First, 3 jobs are selected for each field. These three selected applicants are given ₺10 thousand each. Among these three, the first will be selected in the second stage, and ₺1 million will be given to them. This ₺1 Million is both a prize and a royalty. This is a step that takes the reward system quite far and brings new measures there. This aspect is also extremely important.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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