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Istanbul: ₺5 billion has been allocated to railway transportation projects this year

The projects in Istanbul received the most share from the resources allocated by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for urban transportation with ₺5 billion.

According to the compilation made by AA correspondent from the 2021 Investment Program, the Ministry allocated ₺8 billion 465 million for ongoing urban transportation projects.

While Istanbul will be the city with the highest budget in the said investments with ₺5 billion, ₺3 billion 45 million of the allowance will be used in the Istanbul New Airport Rail System Connections Project.

₺1 billion 508 million was allocated for the Halkali-Istanbul New Airport Metro Line project and ₺680 million 130 thousand for the Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport Metro Line project. For the project, which is planned to be allocated ₺66 million 676 thousand for engineering-consultancy services, ₺790 million will be spent on the purchase of metro vehicles. ₺670 million of the amount determined for this purchase will be provided by foreign credit.

Another big project in Istanbul was the Basaksehir-Kayasehir Metro Line, which was allocated ₺845 million 95 thousand.

A resource of ₺785 million 473 thousand was allocated for the Bakirkoy-Bahcelievler-Kirazli Metro Line project and ₺331 million 516 thousand for the connections of the Sabiha Gokcen Airport metro line.

₺1.4 billion resource to Konya

Konya was the province to which the most resources were allocated after Istanbul in urban transportation projects. While a budget of ₺1 billion 370 million is determined for the Konya Rail System Lines Project, ₺1 billion 110 million of this will be used for foreign credit.

The investment amount of the Gebze-OSB-Danca Coast Rail System Line Project in Kocaeli was calculated as ₺1 billion 28 million this year. ₺79 million 243 thousand was allocated to Kocaeli City Hospital Tram Line Project.

The investment amount of Bursa Emek City Hospital Rail System Line Project was ₺352 million 530 thousand.

While ₺493 million 395 thousand are allocated for the Ankara subways completion project, this project is expected to be completed next year.

₺134 million 282 thousand were allocated for the Anafartalar – YHT Tram Line Project in Kayseri.

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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