Isparta apple is demanded both in foreign and domestic market

850 thousand tons of apple harvest is expected this season in Isparta, which has a strong agricultural infrastructure with rose, lavender, tomato, grape, apricot and clove production. Isparta who have a say in apple production in Turkey is experiencing a productive season this year.

Apple, which is produced more in Egirdir and Gelendost districts of Isparta, attracts attention both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Mustahattin Can Selcuk, the president of Isparta Chamber of Agriculture stated that that the apple harvest continues throughout the province and there is a fertile season. He emphasized that the apple is produced with great effort and devotion, he said:

‘’ First of all, these trees are carefully grown; we take care of the trees like a child. As a result, this year is experiencing a fertile season. Currently, our agricultural workers are harvesting here by maintaining their social distance due to the pandemic. I thank everyone involved from the manufacturer to the worker. “

Emphasizing that the apples are exported to countries such as Iran, Iraq and India in the foreign market, Selcuk noted that the apples produced in Isparta contribute to the country’s economy. Selcuk also emphasized that Isparta is the leading province in apple production of Turkey and expressed that the harvested apples are kept in cold storages.

Isparta apple exports have increased

Mehmet Sezgin, the Mayor of Gelendost stated that they have a high expectation from the apple production in the district this season. He also emphasized that the apple exports have increased and said:

‘’ This situation started to reflect on the producer as a fee. If our producers are economically happy, better days await us as in the quality of the apple. We produce Gala, Golden Reinders and Granny Smith varieties in the district. Our shipments to big cities generally continue in the domestic market. In the foreign market, our apples go to Russia, Azerbaijan and India. “

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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