Isbank: We take steps to facilitate the commercial life of our SMEs

While the financial sector takes steps towards digitalization, it continues to support the economy. Being a market maker in terms of both digitalization and financial support, Isbank provides access to finance through both digital and traditional methods.

Isbank Deputy General Manager Sahismail Simsek summarized the digitalization activities as “to make commercial life easier” and made these statements: “While we support digital transformation, on the other hand, we continue to provide financial support to tradesmen and SMEs with the awareness of our main duty. Our customers can effortlessly complete many transactions remotely by using our digital channels IsCep, Internet Branch, Maximum Mobil and Maximum Workplace applications. With the IsCep “I Want to Become a Customer” feature, tradesmen and real person traders can join the Isbank family by opening an account within minutes, without going to the branch and without the need for a wet signature, via video call, wherever they are. Sahismail Simsek stated that Isbank signed the TOBB Nefes Loan Protocol, which was implemented in cooperation with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF). “We expect our SMEs to be our customers in order to benefit from the Treasury-backed KGF guarantee (PGS) and a total of 18-month loan support, up to ₺200,000, with a 6-month principal and interest-free period. In addition, we are one of the banks that transfer 80% of the Nefes Loan limit to a commercial credit card, allowing it to be spent more easily in cash shopping transactions and bill payments.”


Simsek, who said that they have improved not only the service but also their access to remote financing through branches, said, “Our tradesmen and real person merchant customers can meet their commercial financing needs up to ₺100,000 by applying to Instant Commercial Loan 24/7 from our IsCep and Internet Branch. As a result of the rapid and automatic evaluation in this structure we have established, the loan application is evaluated within seconds and the loan amount is transferred to our customer’s account immediately if approved. In this way, our customers can use commercial loans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without visiting a branch. In addition, our customers can set the first installment date as 90 days from the day they use the loan. Thus, we have made the 3-month grace period option available to our customers. Not only installment loans, our customers can use up to ₺250,000 24/7 loans without going to the branch, within the limits defined for their Current Accounts Debtor, via our digital channels.”


Simsek added that as Isbank, they keep their perspective on commercial life in a broad perspective, and gave the following information; “Healthcare institutions are starting to use e-invoice as of July 1. The campaign we carried out together with IsNet, one of our subsidiaries, has been extended until 31.08.2021 in order to facilitate the transition to e-Invoice. As part of the campaign, IsNet customers, who have started to follow their e-invoice payment information through Isbank digital channels, are instantly gifting as many units as they purchase with Isbank commercial credit cards.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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