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Industrialization Executive Committee will be established

Presidential Decree on the Industrialization Executive Committee was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. Accordingly, Executive Committee of Insurance Agencies (SAIK), which was decided to be established in order to develop domestic production and technological capabilities, will consist of the Vice President, the Minister of Industry and Technology, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, the Minister of Trade and the Head of Strategy and Budget under the chairmanship of the President. The Ministry of Industry and Technology will carry out the secretariat duty of the Committee.

The committee will take decisions regarding the realization of public procurements in line with the priorities of industrialization, domestic production and the National Technology Move for strategic purposes. SAIK will also implement the necessary measures in order to facilitate the investment, production and financing processes of industrialists and technology producing institutions and organizations in line with the goal of national and domestic industrialization.

The committee will also make decisions for public institutions and organizations to make long-term procurement plans to allow domestic production. The main duties and powers of the committee are listed as follows:

  • To take measures to ensure that tender specifications and contracts are prepared in a way that will not prevent localization and ensure the localization of the technological components needed by the sectors.
  • Making decisions that will enable investment in strategic areas where domestic production is limited.
  • Deciding on the actions to be taken regarding changes in the partnership structures of companies that are critical for the country, that may put domestic production continuity and national security at risk.
  • To make decisions regarding the creation and implementation of binding road maps for all relevant institutions and organizations for priority products to be produced domestically.

Expenses to be made under support programs to be established in line with SAIK’s operating expenses, policies and decisions will be covered by the allowances to be placed in the budget of the Ministry of Industry and Technology for these purposes.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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